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RNORST - February 7

Jade, could that be implantaion spotting, It seems to early for af since you O late?? Did you call your Re? They sound like they are helpful, maybe they can do a test to see what the spotting is from?? Good luck. What was the name of that drug? I'm praying for you.

Caretta32, thanks for the info. Have you though about trying a new re? I went for a 2nd opition and I'm so glad I did.

Lili, what was you temps today. Hope you O this week.

Prayer for all of you.
Love Renee


lili246 - February 7

My temps today were 98.0 yesturday they were 97.9 hope they keep going up and finally O is determine. I am taking it easy this time and taking all the stress away. I sure hope that I O pretty soon.
I have been bd every second day just to make sure I will be covered just in case I O and don't notice ;)

Have a great day!

Love Lili


RNORST - February 7

Lili, You should O very soon. Hey thats a new picture, did you just get them taken?? If so you better send me a picture. I still havn't got Will 5 year old pic done yet. But when I get them done I will send them to you asap.

Love ya Renee


lili246 - February 8

I sure hope that I O soon, I am praying for that to happen. hey I am getting a dark line again but it's not as dark as the control line, so maybe that is a good sign. I will keep testing and I will let you know how it looks by tomorrow.

Yes this is a new picture, I actually mailed you a picture so you will be recieveing it soon, let me know when you do. ANd I can't wait to get yours, better do it soon! :)

Love Lili

have a great night!


Ange - February 8

Caretta~ I will be doing Ivf in the spring after I have my surgery to remove my septum. Where do you live that it is so expensive to have Ivf done. I thought it was alot here but I can have 3 done for 10.000. If you are close maybe you can travel here to do it.

Lili~ I am feeling much better. I like your new picture. I hope you have O or you do soon. I am praying for yah!

Jade~I am going to try 100% this month. I will be geting AF tomorrow sooooo yucky couple of days ahead. I am ordering preseed tomorrow. Did you talk to the doctor about your spotting. It sounds like you either A are implanting this month or B if you get AF could be you are having trouble with implantation. Talk to your doctor. Sounds strange to me that you spot brown around time of implantation and then get AF. let me know

Butterfly~Thanks we are all feeling better now! You are in the 2 week wait. Any symptoms? Temps high still?

Renee~ How are you? You are going on a Disney Cruise OHHHH how cool! I hope you enjoy yourself. I think it is a good idea to stop temping after AF. I would find it stressing. We are all feeling better my daughter is still coughing alot but she is better.

Ladies! My daughter Kaitlyn turn 5 on Valentines Day. Yes my valentine baby she was the best gift ever for valentines. We are having a party for her this saturday at Mcdonald's. I hope she is feeling her self by then. Girls I would love to keep more in touch with you all. Please email me with Pictures of you and your spouces at [email protected] I will send you my family too

Take care


butterflywishes1 - February 8

Lili - I love your new picture!! It is so beautiful!! What are you temps today?? Do you think you O?

Ange - I'm glad you are feeling better!!

Renee - How are you feeling today??

Well, yesterday I had to work, 6dpo, my symptoms were::
As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning I noticed my low back was killing me!! It hurt all day.
Very, very thick white creamy cm from morning until night. Ive never had cm as thick as this??
Cramping in pelvic area, tenderness around ovaries
Weird nauseous/dizzy feeling in am only. It passed quickly. (I've had spells of weird nauseated feelings from 4-6 dpo, but they pass quickly.
Stuffy nose.

Day 4, 5, and 6 my temp was 98.2 and today it is 98.4

I still have some low back discomfort, stuffy nose, and twinges in low abdomen.

I don't know what to think yet. No sore bb's??? I don't want to get my hopes up and I think I might be overanalyzing again. LOL

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!

Love you all !


lili246 - February 8

Ange and Butterly,
Thanks for the picture comment. It would be nice if everyone had one!
well girls my temps today were 98.3 they are going up so that might be that I have O already and the last day that I bd was monday, so don't know I might have missed those fertile days, what do you think?

I am dissapointed if I did but they say that sperm lives inside us for 5 days and hope that is right so that I could atleast have some inside me when I did O?

We'll see what happen!!

Love Lili


RNORST - February 8

Lili, did you do a opk today?

Ange, I'm going to e-mail you my picture.

Butterfly, I'm feeling alot better now, thank you. Sounds like good signs, keep prayering, it will happen.

Love Renee


butterflywishes1 - February 8

Lili ~ When was your first day of high temps? If you want, you can send me your chart and I will look at it for you. Do you chart on If so, when do they detect ovulation??

Ange ~ I will send you my picture, too. :)

Renee ~ I sent you my chart and emailed you, too. :)

Love ~ Butterfly


lili246 - February 8

Yes I did test yesturday and it came dark not as dark as the control line but I will test today and see if it's any darker.
I will test again later today and let you know how it looks!
I know that when I test in the afternoon it comes dark and when I test at nights it comes ligter, why does this happens any suggestions?

sure I can send you my chart so that I can get more advise on it because it is confusing my temps had a small rise on monday and then went down on tuesday and up again on wednesday and till today so I am not sure if I already O or I might anytime :{
Here is my e-mail address writ to me so that I can get your e-mail and send you my chart!
[email protected]

Have a great day!

Love Lili


Jade - February 8

Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Nothing new for me. 10dpo still having some spotting. Nothing major- I really have to look for it. I dont know what is going on. UGHHH. It is so depressing. How someone else has some better news than me?!?


lili246 - February 8

Hey you are in 10 dpo what is your LP usually? I hope that you get that bfp. We need some and haven't gotten alot, whats going on??

Well in my side, I am so confuse aswell. I don't know if I already O, probably I did my temps are rising and I hope that I didn't miss it. Ugh! I have testing with the opk's and I get a dark line but not as dark as the control line, then the day after it seems it get lighter, so I don't know what's going on. I still have faith and I trust in god.

Take Care

Love Lili


Ange - February 9

Goodmorning Ladies! I took my ticker off cause I am 16 dpo and still no AF. We weren't ttc this month I think it is just late from all the stress from the MRI. I did do a test and it was bfn. I feel like I will get any second.

Renee~ Thanks for the Picture your family is beautiful.


RNORST - February 9

Lili, any + opk yet? Whats your temps this morning?

Ange, I hate when I'm late and I get a bfn. Keep your head up this will happen for you very soon!

Well af is done, now I'm just waiting to O. If I O on cd 15 like I did last month, I will O around Feb. 19th. This month I'm taking geritol again and drinking green tea.

Love you girls


lili246 - February 9

I think that I will do the same because I am so confuse about my cycle as well. I am not sure if I did O already so I guess we should take it off until something changes!
Ange I agree with Renee, I also hate when af is late and you see that bfp, why doesn this happen to us and just give us false alarms. UGH!

My temps today were 98.1 they went down. So I am more confuse today and from what my fertility friend chart says I O on cd 22 and I am 3dpo but I don't think so because my temps are not that high like they are suppose to be when O is confirm. I did test yesturday and like I say in the afternoon when I test it comes out dark but not as dark as the control line then at night when I test again it becomes lighter so I don't know what this might be.

Have a great day! and a great weekend!

Love Lili


RNORST - February 9

Lili, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you O this weekend.

Love ya and praying for you.



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