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caretta32 - February 1

Hi Everyone! I have been lurking on this site for a couple of days and finalyhad the nerve to post.

I am currently 11dpIUI and have no sysmptoms what so ever! I did a HPT yesterday and it was BFN! I am looking your mental and emotional support and I think I found it here. All you ladies seem so caring and nice!!


lili246 - February 1

Thank you girl for the support. I did test this morning and it came faint but alittle darker than yesturday I guess I am ok and shoul dbe getting a darker second line soon. I forgot to hold the urine for atleast 4 hours so I guess I will wait for 4 hours and then do the test again. Hope that I can O soon. I will hold on bd tonight and bd tomorrow so that I can enjoy
I just don't want to get
Best wishes for you Butterly.

Take care

Love Lili


lili246 - February 1


Welcome girl!! well don't stress yourself about that bfp probably it was to soon to test, you should wait a few more days and test again. I hope that you get that bfp!
Good Luck!



Mahogany Heart - February 2

Ladies just dropping in to say hello. Wishing you all the best and hoping we get so BFPs soon. I'm praying for you all.

Don't forget to make that night of BDing exciting and fun.


Ange - February 2

Jade~ My vision is back yuppie. I was getting scared there for a while. I did O and we were not ttc cause of the MRI. I am glad to hear you O. I hope you enjoy you ski weekend.

Renee~ How is you sinus infection? Do you feel better? I am excited for March 2nd to find out my results. What is your temps today? I am praying for you. by the way antibiotics don't usual effect a hpt but it is not un heard of.

Lili~ So did you O? What are your temps?

Butterfly~ Do worry about the O and on which side. When you O either tube can take the egg. It could still find its way.

Caretta~ Welcome! We are all here for you. when are you going to test again?

Mh~ How's the baby doing? Do you feel him moving around yet? Thanks for your support.


butterflywishes1 - February 2

Lili ~ Thank you for the support, girl. I hope you O real soon. Keep testing and I am sure you will get that darker line anytime now. :)

Ange ~ I am so glad you received your MRI and also that your vision is back!! Why does it take so long to get the results of the test?? I hope you get the results you are looking for!!!!!
Thank you so much for the advice. It feels so traumatic when you lose one of your reproductive organs (and I know you can relate). It is constantly in the back of my mind and I am SO scared that I will never conceive b/c of it! I still remember the day the doctors told me that the only way to proceed was to remove my tube and possibly my ovary. I cried for days leading to the surgery (while they were still trying to save it) and for weeks/months afterward. Again, I thank you for your support and I want you to know that I am praying very hard for you!

I thought I o'd yesterday but my temp this morning was 98.0. It is high (my highest pre-o temp was 97.9) but not as high as I would expect.
I had some VERY VERY bad cramps last night after we bd. They had me doubled over in pain!! I had to apply a heating pad to get relief. I think it was O pain but I've never had it that bad before. It radiated from my low pelvis all the way to my upper abdomen!! I've had GI upset while on ovulex, but nothing this severe. The cramping lasted a good 2 hours on and off.
Has anyone else had o pain this bad??????

Lots of love and babydust! Butterfly


caretta32 - February 2

Well I didnt test this morning...too scared to get a BFN, had some minor cramping on the right side when I was doing my morning stretches but it faded fast....I go for my Beta Monday morning at 7am...I will be saying many prayers on church on Sunday!!

Also if this cycle fails I will be taking a break from the doctors but am going to start charting my temps...any suggestions as to best time, what brand of basal thermometor to use? Any advise will be very helpfull.


butterflywishes1 - February 2

Caretta ~ I always recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" to any woman who wants to begin charting her cycle. I bought the book two months ago and it has been my saving grace when it comes to fertility charting. I bought it off EBAY for a very good price and it is by far one of the best books I've ever bought!!

For charting purposes, you always take your temps first thing when you wake up in the morning. It is also best to take your temps around the same time every morning. Also, it is good to start charting from the beginning of your cycle all the way through to the beginning of the next cycle. This way you can identify 1. pre-ovulatory temps, 2. exact day of ovulation, 3. post-ovulatory temps which will help you to identify if you are having a problem with progesterone or your luteal phase. I use a regular digital thermometer that you get from the drug store. They are much easier to use than a glass basal thermometer (my opinion... )

Check out the book, it will really help (I promise!)

Love ~ Butterfly


Ange - February 2

Butterfly~ The results for my MRI will come back within 10 days but it is my dr who will be on holiday that is why it is taking so long. When I went for my surgery I had no choice they said they would try to save my ovary and tube but it didn't look good. My surgery was 5 hours long and in the end they removed my left ovary and tube. I was with another then we were together for 5 years ttc. He wasn't supportive at all. We fought all the time. The night I got home from the sugery he left went to alantic city for 2 weeks and then came back for a weekend and went back again. I never felt so much pain in all my life. When he left the second time I packed everything I owned and left him. I have been with my present husband for 6 1/2 years he is great man and is very supportive. We adopted our daughter 1 1/2 years after we got together. That was meant to be.... I have since learned that we go through a path in life and we need to follow it and when the time is right we will be blessed with life.
I am praying for you too!


Ange - February 2

Butterfly~ Here is a link about ovulation and 1 tube. It is rare but possible.



RNORST - February 2

Caretta32, Welcome, this is the best group of ladies for support. I also did a IUI in June of last year. Good luck, keep your head up. You are on my prayer list. Charting your cycle is a very good idea. A ditgtal ther. is the best one that read 3 places like 98.4, you sould start charting the very first day of your cycle.

Ange, I feel alot better, thanks for asking. I'm also exceited for you, march 2nd will be here quick. My temps went down a little today, 98.8, still high, but it makes me nervous that they dropped a little. I'm so scared to take my temp tommorrow. Glad your vision is back, that would be scarey.

Butterfly, I have had some really bad O pains before, I had to take advil and the pain run down my thighs like really bad growing pains. I have noticed that after my surgrey, I dont have bad pain like that any more.
I bet your temps go up tommorrow, my temps seem to do that to.

Good luck to all, and prayers


lili246 - February 2

I have not O yet. I probably will this weekend. I sure hope so. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for the encouragement I sure hope so that I can O this weekend. I don't want to wait longer. I will keep testing until I see that dark second line. I am keeping positive and with lots of faith!

Good luck girl and I sure hope that you get a bfp! I will be praying for you and can't wait for the news on monday! :) Be positive!

have a great weekend!
Love Lili


Ange - February 2

Butterfly~ the pain you decribe sounds to me like a cyst. A way to check is to lay down flat on your back push down on the area of your ovary. Push in and release quickly if you feel a sharp pain when releasing it is most likely a cyst. I use to get them alot and that is what the doctor told me to do then I would take antinflamtory like advil for the next two days and keep heat on it and it would go away. But if you get a fever or the pain continues after 2 days you should see a dr.

well ladies enjoy your weekend take care


butterflywishes1 - February 2

Ange ~ Thank you for the advice. It might very well have been a cyst. Luckily the pain is better today, but it sure was horrible last night! If the pain comes back again after we bd tonight, then I will for sure know it is a cyst. I hope I did O but to know for sure I will have to confirm with high temps for the next few days. I will let you know how it goes.
Thanks again!
Have a great weekend!


caretta32 - February 5

Thank all of you ladies for your support.

RNORST--be careful with the messes with your uterine my dr says

Well I testes 14dpiui and got a BFN...the rest of day was lower back pain on and off all day!!

Well my Beta is tomorrow and I know it is a BFN!!

I guess I will take a break from the drugs...they are just making more crazy than usual...oh well DH wants me back to watch the Super Bowl!! Go Bears!!


lili246 - February 5

I am confussed about my temps can anyone help me:

Well I don't have much to say aswell. I don't know if I did O yet or not. My temps. on saturday were 97.5 and on sunday they were 97.3 and I tested again and come with 98.2 so what do you think, same thing happen today I tested and got 97.5 then tested again and got 98.1. UGH I hate when this happens I don't know what to do. I do think that on my opk I think that I got a + because saturday and sunday the second line was very fainted that youc ould barely see and that might be good, what do you think I am confuse and don't know what to do. Maybe O might come later because my period was longer this time.. UGH don't even know what to do I will keep taking my temps and hope that I O soon. The bad thing was that last week I bd almost every day and if I O this week that means thet I will miss those fertile days.


Love Lili



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