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Jade - January 30

Oh yeah. My temp went up this morning. YAAH


lili246 - January 30

The ones I use are the cheap internet So that makes a difference do you think?


butterflywishes1 - January 30

Hi Ladies ~ How is everyone?? It's been a while since I posted so I thought I would give an update :)

I think all of my interventions this cycle are paying off (ovulex, green tea, mucinex, prenatals, geritol tonic, preseed) b/c today on my fertility monitor I received a "high" reading (cd13) which I have NEVER received a "high" prior to a "peak" reading. I think this is a VERY good sign b/c it means my estrogen is rising appropriately prior to the LH surge (whereas before, I don't think it was!) Also, this morning FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ~ I HAD 4CM STRETCHY EWCM!!!!!!! I am SO excited b/c I have NEVER noticed great quality EWCM before! I think this is due to the increased estrogen rise that the fertility monitor picked up this morning! I truly believe that ovulex and the geritol tonic have made this happen.

I am so excited this cycle. I should get a "peak" reading tomorrow (cd 14) and Thursday (cd15). I expect to O on cd 15!

Jade ~ Did you tell me to stop taking geritol after O? (I forget!!) What are your temps??

Lots of love and babydust!!!



Ange - January 30

Hello Ladies!

Well I had my MRI today. I don't know when I will get the results. I had kinda a bad experiance since I am afraid of small spaces. I went into what I call the tube...oh not good I had a few panik attacks to start off with but then they gave me a shot of something that was supposed to slow or stop my bowels. I felt a little dizzy while laying down but thought I am ok I am laying down they when It was all over 45 minutes later OMG it was long. I could not see. My vision was totally blurred. I could not even stand up for awhile. I had to move cause they needed the room for someone else. They gave me a chair. It took most of the day but I am now able to see again I do have a headache now but that is really it. I am really glad it is over.

Jade and Renee~ thanks for your thoughts

Renee~ How are you feeling? did you go to the doctor? I really like that website it is helpful.

Lili~ the internet opk only show two lines just before you O so good luck I think it will happen soon for you

I will call my doctor tomorrow to get my appointment for my results

Jade~ Glad to hear your temp went up


lili246 - January 31

I am glas that your temps went up. then youare now in your waiting period right? Good Luck girl!

Thank youf or the info. The I think if I saw the faint second line I should be O anything by this week I guess. I will keep testing and see what happens.
What do you suggest on when should I test? I mean at what times during the day?

I am happy for you hope that this is your month aswell. So I guess that you are in your fertile days? Good Luck and relax!

have a great night

Hope that you feel better!!

Love Lili


Ange - January 31

Lili~ I test when I get home from work which is 5:00. It is best to test from 11:00am-8:00pm choose and time that is good for you and test everyday at that time. Make sure you don't pee for 4 hours before. keep me posted take care


lili246 - January 31

thank you for that info. that really helps me alot and I will take your advise.
Thank you so much I will let you know what I get today!
I hope that everything went well with your MRI. and hope that you are feeling better. Have some rest! :)

Love Lili


Jade - January 31

Lili~ When I used the cheap internet ones it didnt show 2 lines until right before I ovulated. So I am thinking that you will be oing soon. Yaay. Test anywhere from 10-8 is what I read. FMU is not good for opk.

Ange~ I am glad your test is over. How long until you get the results?

Renee~ How were you temps this morning? What did the dr say. Hope you are feeling better.

Butterfly~ You should stop the g. t. after o. This is my 2nd day of high temps. How long until you O?


lili246 - January 31

Ange and Jade,
thank you for your advise and your help.
Jade what is FMU?

Hope that you are feeling better, let us know what you find out!

Love Lili


Ange - January 31

Hi Ladies!

I get my results March 2 the doctor will only get them in 2 weeks and then he will be on holiday. It is better that 6 months. I am still having are hard time with my vision today it is strange.

Lili~What time are you going to do the test today? let me know

Jade~ I am glad it is over too trust me. March 2 I will get them

Renee~ how are you feeling?


RNORST - January 31

Jade, I'm glad you temps went up, you are on your way. I went to the doc yesterday and I have sinus infection, I got some meds, they are safe if I would be preg. My temps this morning was 99.2.

Butterfly, did you O yet? Yes, stop taking geritol after you O.

Ange, glad your test is over. I pray for good results. So you have about a month to wait on results. I feel better today I had sinus infection.

Love you girls


Jess - January 31

Renee-a sinus infection is a good sign of a bfp!! ;They say almost every woman gets a cold or sinus infection during the first few weeks of pregnancy. And your temps look awsome!!! :oI sure hope this is your month!!!! Good luck to you!!!

Baby dust to everyone!!! :-*


lili246 - January 31

That sounds great what Jess says. I sure hope that you are pregnant. I think that it's about time, you have done alot and you deserve that bfp. I will be praying for you girl.

I just did an opk today at 11:00a.m. and it is the same faint second line! But I will keep testing and once I see that dark second line I will go for I sure hope that I am getting close. I think if I see a faint second line that means that I shoul dbe O anytime this week or weekend right? I sure hope so.
I hope your results come out ok. I am thinking of you girl.

Take Care and have a great day today!

Love Lili


angelz9 - January 31


just thought i would mention that those internet cheapies don't always go dark and u may be on the way to O sooner than u think so i would Bd all now to catch it .
but best of luck to u. i used them also and they never got dark only to find out that i was ovulatingall that time i was seeing the faint lines


Jade - January 31

Lili~ When I used the cheap internet ones- I did get a dark second line. I tried both on the same day. Cheap one and Clear blue- both were darker than the control line. I think they will work. Anytime now for you. Yah. FMU= first morning urine

Renee~ That is good that you got some meds. I dont want to take anything OTC bc I am afraid that it will hurt my chances. I am such a worrier. it is good that is wont effect preg for you. You temps sound promising. Have you been having any cramping or any other signs?

Ange~ That stinks about your vision. Hopefully it will get better soon. March 2nd seems far away but I am sure it will be here before you know it. Did you ever O? And if you did- did you tNot tc or ttc?


lili246 - January 31

OOO da!!! ok I now know what fmu means I was just lazy to look at the
I did test this morning and it came faint second line again. But atleast I am seeing the second line, I guess tat is a good sign right?

take care




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