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fiestebrown - November 20

Hi ladies and gents!

I was wondering how often do you baby dance and if you got a BFP did you baby dance more that cycle?

I am disappointed that I have a really hi sex drive and my husband does not. We only bd two times during my fertile week.

What about you guys????


Mahogany Heart - November 21

The cycle that I got pregnant my dh and I only baby dance twice in my fertile window. The cycle before that we did more then we should have and nothing happened.


lili246 - November 21

Well I agress with Magohany heart because the day I got pregnant we only BD twice also on our fertile days and we got that bfp but other times we were so worry that we were going to miss that day and BD almost everytime and no luck. Just make sure you are on your fertile days and you might have luck.

Best wishes!


fiestebrown - November 26

Thanks Ladies!

Yes, I heard that BD'ing every night can dramatically lower the sperm count. I was told by the doctors office every other night.

How long is your fertile window. Two websites that I have looked at one says 3-5 days, and the other says 5-7 days?


Mahogany Heart - November 26

You are about right 5-7 but you know you can never be so sure. I usually start from the time my cycle stops to start BDing. This time DH was out of town so we were not able to start then which help us alot. This cycle I purchased the OPK and it help me out alot.

Supernatural Babydust!!!


rjked0504 - February 11

We BDd every other day while trying to get preggers. I highly recommend charting your cycle and watching for fertility signs. I was also told that every day is too much. It took us 5 months on Chlomid before we caught baby dust, but we made it!


Keeley - March 15

My fertility doc said when you are fertile to do it every other day from day 10-16. That the sperm still live i think 48hrs when deposited (dont you love the terms lol) and that would increase your chances of getting pregnant. And if by chance you are on Chlomid and get regular follicle scannings they can pretty much tell you when your your best chances of concieving are....


StephMalkowski - March 15

The cycle that we got pregnant DH & I only BD twice. We were charting my tempurature and using an OPK...I had a positive OPK on a Tuesday, so we BD that Tuesday and Thursday. That was it!

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