How many people on here have gotten pregnant on ovulex??
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Rachy - December 15

And how long did it take?

Thanks xxx


lili246 - December 15

Well I can say that I was one of them. Ovulex did help for me and I took them for two months and got pregnant. Unfortunatly I had a m/c and who knows why it happen.

Keep your hopes up and have faith!

Love Lili


Rachy - December 15

Hi lili,

How are you? Any news/updates?
I havent posted for a little while as i've been strapped for time.



lili246 - December 15

Well I just got af today. I need to wait atleast two normal af's before starting again, so I guess that I am half way.. YAY! I can't wait to start trying again.

Take care,

Love Lili


Jen_Erway - January 8

hello there, I have a friend that took Ovulex and in just a few short months became pregnant with no side effects! Now I will be starting it myself! Good luck!



Honey - January 10

Hello Ladies!


I took Ovulex for one month and tested positive for pregnancy the very next month with no side effects. I guess it has a different outcome for different poeple. I also believe it may have something to do with lifestyle and what you eat, some foods can hinder getting preggo. I recommend not being stressed when trying to concieve because that has a huge effect on your reproductive organs and hormones whether you take ovulex or not. I'm sure people can get preggo when stressed but if you are carful it might make it a little better.


I know you will get right back preggo. You know when you have a miscarrage you are very fertile after. I guess they just want to make sure that everything is back to normal before you try again and thats why they make you wait because I've seen people get preggo right after a m/c and it wasn't done on purpose it just happened.

Keep the faith Lili We are all praying for you!



lili246 - January 10

Thank you so much Honey, I do so much faith and I know that I will get pregnant very fast. With faith everything is possible. :)

Thanks for everything.

~Love Lili


zuliviolet - March 5

I have been reading for a while and will give myself one more month to try "naturally"
before i get ovulex.

I have come out "normal" in all the fertility tests done so far, my HSG was normal so my doc did not want to go further,

i am just so exhausted and everytime I have my period I cry myseld to sleep.



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