How many has ouvlex NOT worked for?
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Cassielee - August 29

I have been on this for 3 months and it hasn't worked. This was my last hope. I have tried everything. I lost my first two and time is not on my side. 40 plus here. I am sending my empty bottles back for a refund. I have been reading on here for months and I am glad there are success stories and you all deserve a hand for the ones its worked for. Cassie


Bulldoglover - August 29

It did not work for me either.....I only tried it for 1 month though and I gained so much weight and felt emotionally unstable for the first time in my life......I do know that some of the ladies had great luck. I suppose its like everything else...certain things work for certain people. I hope you do end up having a child some day...either biological or through adoption. Hang in there.


lili246 - August 29

Hi Ladies,
Well I am in my second month of ovulex and I have lots of faith that it will work for me. You need to take those pills with faith.
Keep the hope and head up!

-Love, Lili


Charity - August 29

It took us 2 months on Ovulex/Amberoz and we just got our 1st BFP! We had been trying for 2 years and are both in our early 30's.


Cassielee - August 30


Thats why I ordered this I had so much faith that it would work. That is why I have not adopted my faith seems to be so strong that I believe if I am meant to have a child I will conceive one. All I have left is faith. Keep taking yours in faith too and I hope you have a BFP real soon. I keep hoping I will also.

Looks like so far it has only not worked for a few so I guess the 7% rate is really close to not working, wish I hadn't fell in the 7%. Good luck to you all.


lili246 - August 30

With faith everything is possible. keep having it and don't give up. Just give it something to get into your body. They say it would take up to six months for you to conceive. So good luck.


lynn52377 - August 31

this is my 2nd month of ovulex and so far it has started my af... hadn't had one since feb 27th and it might be coincidence but i have faith that it is working ...... I have waited this long a few more months (hopefully not) won't hurt.....god has his plans for everyone all our turns will come soon!!!
Good luck to all and Much babydust all around!!!



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