How long have you been ttc? What have you tried?
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Ange - October 13

Hello Ladies,

[b] How long have you been ttc? What have you tried? What kind of infertility do you have?[/b]

I have been ttc for 14 years now I still believe i will conceive even though doctors told me that I have a 3% chance of conceiving. I ran across ovulex but unfortunately I can't take them because I have hypothyroidism and I take synthroid so doctors advise me not too. I have done 4 IUI with clomid and all resulted bfn.
I had a hysterosapinogram 7 years ago and found out my left tube was blocked. I had a laparoscopy soon after to fix the blocked tube but it got infected from the clomid and exactly one year later they had to do an emergency surgery to remove it with my ovary. I have adhesions too form both surgerys.
Since then I have just believed it will happen when my child is ready to come to me. But lately I want to try again I feel like now I don't have much time. I don't want to do IVF yet so now my thoughts are going herbal.
I went to a Chinese herbalist doctor (holistic medicine) and she said I have a fire in my belly which goes to my kidneys (chinese translation??) and gave me some herbs to make tea that won't interfere with my medication but help it. She also is treating my husband so we are yin and yang. When I go back she will examine me again and we will go from there. I just got to say it tasted real bad I mean real bad. My dh is very supportive he would do anything to ttc with me. I also started drinking green tea before ovulation this is my first month doing that.

I am still positive that I will beat this infertility.

Babydust to all of you!


deseounamadre - November 11

well, I am 20, have been ttc for almost 2 years, just starting in this stressful journey ... my husband is 29 and has a low sperm count/motility/ and everything else is low also... we started out regular trying, then went to clomid, then the doctors asked to try a semen analysis which came up bad, and every test since then has gotten worse, we were told that it was so bad there was no way that we would be able to get preg the normal way, IUI or anything else except for IVF with the sperm injected directly into the eggs, so thats what we tried the next time, unfortunately, my body didnt react the way we wanted it to, i guess i was too suppressed, the eggs didnt grow the way they should have... and to further matters, when they put me under anestisia my asthma (i hadnt had a problem with it in years) but my asthma acted up and i stopped breathing, so the doctors wont let me do that again. my husband and i have decided to try IUI with donor sperm but from what i have been reading its a slim chance to get preg, but most of that is from 30+ studies, so hopefully the doctor will tell me that its highly likely.. but i guess we will see back to the doctors on monday ??? :-\ ???



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