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brennaGF - October 17

Hey everybody i'm so happy for those of who who have the BFP! It gives me hope!!

DIANAG- Don't give up. I reccommend taking a look at and email "momma kath" your situation. She was a BIG help for me! BABY DUST TO YOU!! :D :D :D for me, i'm near a week late and still BFN. I'm not stressed about it anymore, im relaxed but still wondering whats going on. I'm going to take another test in a few days. One thing thats weird (that i didnt have with my other PG) is that last night i was smelling things my DH couldnt smell and this morning i said "OMG whats that smell?" of course DH couldnt smell it but it happend to be our dog went to the bathroom outside and i could smell it inside! And we have 2 cats... so i've been carrying around an aerisol can! :D i'm also tired, bloated and breasts are bigger.


brennaGF - October 17

..& did i forget? VERY moody


DianaGR - October 18

Brenna Hi,

Why dont you go and have a blood pg test? At least that way you will be 100% sure? Maybe you have a late "sticker" ;D Isnt is terrible for us to go through this emotional am I arent I every month. Thanks for the link you gave me will go and have a look.


brennaGF - October 18

Diana-well my main concern is that it could possibly be another ectopic. I'm going to take another test tonight or in the morning and if it still is a BFN i'm going to have a blood test when i go to my doctor in Nov (long wait but shes so hard to get into! I Just got my blood drawn a week ago, i should have just asked!!) It is very hard and emotional everymonth i hate that feeling when you "just know" AF is coming. We've been trying since April of 06' You might have said how long you have been, i must have forgotten, but how long have you and DH been trying? I'm just really glad i found this website.

For everybody i have a question. I have heard that with only 1 fallopian tube you only ovulate (and have chance to conceive) everyother 2 months. Then i just recenlty heard from another Doc. that my egg from one ovary will go to the other fallopian tube. If anybody would know a answer to this it would be a great help! ???

Again... thanks for all the BFP stories.. gives us hope! and baby dust to all thats ttc! :D


Ange - October 24

Diana~ Great site you made :) I think it is a great idea for all the sisters to share their stories.

here goes my story it is a long one but I will try to keep it short. I have known I am infertile since about 15 years now. Since then I have lost my left tube and ovary since to hyperstimmed from 4 cycles of CLOMID when I was doing IUI. I realized how important it is to get a second opinion. When I was 18 I was told I have hypothyriodism but not to worry till I am much older because I would need to take medication for the rest of my life. Never did he explain that it would cause me to be infertille without the medication. I went to see my gyno and he said my level was fine about 5 years after I was DX. I was 5.5 and most dr don't treat you with that number. Even though it states it is ideal to be tsh 2 to get pregnant. I did fertility treatment for 5 years and not one bfp. That is when I lost my ovary and tube. After that I gave up and adopted my daughter. About a year or so ago I went to my new GP he checked my level for tsh and said it was low and my thyroid was not working. He put me on medication finally after 14 years when I was first dx from another DR. That is when dh and decided to ttc. I got a new RE and we started tests and more tests. They found out I have septum in my uterus too. Which made my uterus heart shaped. If the embryo would attach it self to it it would casue a m/c because the septum does not have enough blood supply. I had it removed in june of this year.

Since then I have been taking prenatals, green tea, extra folic acid. I quit coffee...that was hard but I wanted to increase my chances. My dh sperm count has been having trouble this year it has been going down each time he would give a sample. That was stressing because I had issues and now he does. We spoke to the dr and they the only way to do this is by IVF-ICSI. We started our cycle in august I was on the long protocal. I started my stims september 27th (gonal-f 375iu and luvaris 150iu) I had egg retrieval on October 9th and 2 day later the called me and told me that they needed to put them in right away because they weren't progessing as they should. They put in 3 embies. I have been on bed rest for almost two weeks and I got my first BFP on Sunday. I am enjoying every minute right now with me and my baby (babies).

My best advise is to be your own dr do research and ask for tests. Life is short take charge of your infertilty.

Brenna~ I have one ovary and tube and I ovulate every month. I did hear that if you only have one tube your egg will find it's way to the available tube.

goodluck and tons of babydust your way :)



DianaGR - October 25

Ange you had a big uphill to climb but you did it!!! Thank you so much for telling us your story. Its amazing how each and everyone of us has so much to tell and we so much to learn from.

When I started TTC i was absolutely 100% fine. Then my endo was too thick- D&C, Then I got polyps in the opening of the uterus - D&C to remove them. First BFP m/c at 6 weeks - D&C again. Then BFP - again m/c as it was ectoptic again D&C. All this in a matter of 1 year. THen i did 3 tries IVF all landed up IUI as always something went wrong. TTC naturally since then. Then in Nov 06 has op to remove cyst in opening of uterus. NO BFP since. Have been taking Ovulex, Folic, vitamins etc. Bd on the right days have had O as tested on Monitor. I really dont know what else to do?? Probably do last IVF next month and we will see what happens.
Look after yourself and I pray that all goes well and that you will get through your 9 months loving every minute of it.

God Bless


brennaGF - November 2

Hello everybody; its been awhile since i've posted here.

Thanks for sharing your story Ange! Your story put a smile on my face :D & i'm so happy for you!

How's things been going for you Diana?


DianaGR - November 2

Hi Brenna,

Hope u are well. I am still here trying,,,,,,,,,, lol I think I O'd on Wed as my Monitor was broken a relied on my CM this month, although last month I had pain on the right side on days of O this month I didnt have any pain just a little lower back pain, well wait and see.... nothing else to do lol

What are you up to? Doing anything?



Daydrmer07 - November 24

I got a BFP two days ago!!! ;D
1st IVF
27 year old (myself and DH)
5 day transfer
2 blastocyst transferred
ICSI was used with assisted hatching as well.
awaiting appt. in 2 weeks to see if its twins!!!!

Good Luck to everyone!


DianaGR - November 24



I wish you all the best and look after yourself no strenuous work or too much jumping around. Keep relaxed and everything will go well.

Keep us posted on your progress.


shawnee - November 26

[quote author=DianaGR link=board=4;threadid=4803;start=0#41906 date=1192604099]
michelle BFP = IVF (IST TRY)
lili BFP = Natural cycle
Jess BFP = Ovulex (3 months), green tea, 81mg

Hi Ladies :), my question is directed at Jess, how often were u taking the 81mg aspirin? and what was the quanity and dose of the green tea? P.S. I have pcos, will these remidies still be of help?


Daydrmer07 - November 26

I was prescribed 81mg aspirin as well by my dr. And it Is to be taken once a day until around 10 wks to thin out the blood to prevent clotting i think...


DianaGR - November 27

michelle BFP = IVF (IST TRY)
lili BFP = Natural cycle
Jess BFP = Ovulex (3 months), green tea, 81mg
ALEXA BFP = IVF after 6 failed IUI
DAYDRMR BFP = I got a BFP two days ago!!!
1st IVF


Brianandjena - November 27

OMG!! CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you!



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