Hi Everyone!
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erin - July 30

Hi Everyone!
I have had a long road with infertility and would love the support you all seem to share! We started trying for a baby when I was 23. Well after 12 IUIs, our first invitro worked. My daughter is now 3 years old. We started trying again as soon as I stopped breastfeeding. We did 5 more invitros, with teh last one a partial succes. I was pregnant until 12 weeks when I lost the baby. It is such a devastating feeling. I had complications after the D&C, so we ahve started looking into adoption as well as herbal remidies. I do not want to do any more shots (or spend that kind of $). I would love any advice you might have. I do not ovulate on my own and, on fertility meds, we found my eggs have a hard shell . I ma looking into olulex, but would LOVE any advice. Thanks again for letting me share !


Trina76 - July 31

On herbal regiments try visiting www.tryingtoconceive.com and tell me what you think.


erin - July 31

Wow! I didn't even know where to start. So many choices! What have you tried or recommend? I had seen several websites about ovulex and liked that it was one pill, but would obviously like to take whatever would give thebest results ;)!!! This is just so frustrating to want something that comes so easily for others! What herbs do you recommend? Thanks so much!



amberchik - September 7

hi everyone.im new here.i have been married for 5 years now and have been trying to get pregnant and without success. i am quite disouraged. have seen the doc and am under treatment.lately i have been having terrible pains during my menstruation cycle and they have been getting irregular(i have been regular since teenage days). i dnt understand what is going on.


NANCY - September 7

Erin I want to let you know that my daughter was conceived through IVF and they told me the same thing that my eggs are to hard for my husband's sperm to penetrate. I was on Ovulex and my DH was on Amberoz for 2 months I am now pregnant and due in December.

I hope that helps

Good luck and much baby dust your way!!!!



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