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greeneyes8269 - March 17

Me and my husband have been together for 7 years... We have been trying to get pregnant for ages. When i was 16 years old i had unprotected sex that caused me to get an std-gonorrea! I was furious with myself for being so stupid. I thought that it was caught on time but apparently it wasn't b/c here i am writing this. Gonorrea has caused me my reproductive organs. I have tried everything to get pregnant. A few months back i went to the hospital to see a fertility specialist who recomended a laproscopy procedure to check for blockage in my fallopian tubes and remove a fibroid tumor. I had the procedure done and he told me i could never get pregnant naturally due to severe blockage and scaring. He told me to have my fallopian tubes removed in order to start IVF. He said that my left fallopian tube was the worst and he would remove that one and try to fix the right one which will give me a 5% chance at getting pregnant. Im extremely doubtfull and scared. I don't know what to do... I feel like a failure at being a women. :-[ I wonder about doing an HSG but i don't know if that will be any good. Please ladies. A little advice will be well appreciated.

~frustrated and determined


Marina - March 17

hi greeneyes,
I understand your feelings and frustration,but you should not blame yourself for what happened long time ago-who doesn't do mistakes? there is no sence to feel guilty,do what you can to change it!
I have a similar story,blocked tubes.However I never had a STD on anything I know that might cause this problem,but the bottom line-my tubes are blocked now and I had to deal with it to get pregnant.
Yes,the doctors told me that the best way(and the quickest one-I'm 37,don't have much time left to experiment) to go straight to IVF,because it's very tiny chance after tubal surgery to get pregnant normaly and don't end up with ectopic pregnancy and make things even more complicated.So,we did.
HSG sometimes helps to see the damage in yor tubes and helps to push the liquid out if you have minor blockage in your tubes,but if it's more severe- it will not do anything.When they do IVF and you have infection in your tubes-the best way to remove them,so the embrio will not get washed out by the liquid in your tubes and don't ge t infected.
good luck!


greeneyes8269 - March 17

hey Marina,

Thanx for the words of wisdom. IM going on 26 in augost so i know i still have plenty of time to think about my options before i actually go forward with the surgery to remove my damaged fallopian tube. But im really wondering if this will even help. Everything seems like its a 50-50 chance. ITs never a certain answer from my doctors. I have alot of faith that i will get pregnant. Im just hoping god will answer my prayers soon before i have to relye on science. BUt in the end, I know that i will have to go through with whatever in order to concieve....

Good luck



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