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Tam91 - January 28

Hey..Im Tam and 19 years old...
I recently had intercourse with no just happened..and im due for my period this week...
How do i know if im pregnant and how can i get rid of it as im still young for children????


CPacino - January 28

FYI intercourse w/o protection doesn't 'just happen'. And as I'm sure you are aware this site is for people finding it difficult to conceive & as such I'm sure you are aware your post may be seen as offensive.

Sorry, but unless you didndn't consent to the sex, then you consented to be with child. Even if you didn't consent, please remeber you are talking about your child, not goods you may refuse to accept. By 'get rid' I hope you are not refering to having your child killed. Being young is certainly no excuse to 'get rid' of a child & FYI 19 is not young. Even protected sex may lead to being with child & everyone knows it. Have sex be prepared to have child- please memorise that. I realise you may think I am being harsh, but I'm just upset when I hear of people who value their own life above the life of another.

If you seriously don't want your child I'm sure you expect me to say adoption, but I think that's so cliche. I think if you are pg once that child was born you would think less about you & more about another ie your child. It may help you become more focussed on the important things in life, not just cheap thrills & money.

Get a blood test soon to see for sure if you are pg, as urine tests may not show up until later. FYI if you get people saying 'you have options' & they suggest you could 'get rid', just remember they are not the ones that will feel responsible for what you chose to do for the rest of their life. They may even genuinely be scared you won't be able to measure up & be a good parent to your child & think you may mess them up. But of everyone you should have self belief in yourself, that you are better than that & don't need to kill anyone. If you really think you aren't ready for a child yet & find you are pg please think about having your child fostered. As it could give you a chance to see if you can live w/o your child, w/o giving up your parental rights. So if you find you are best w/o them you can decide to have them adopted & they can still have their life & a loving home.


Demi07 - January 30

Sweetheart I hate to sound like the mother..But, I am anyway...You want to make sure the baby is the only thing you have to worry about. You mentioned being too young for children!!! What about being to young for HIV/HEPITITUS A B C and other disease that could be fatal to your life. I think you may be fine regarding the pregnancy. You may have gotten lucky. But, you should think about the other things that could end your life. Never be to quick or emotional to have unprotected sex with anyone and don't allow someone to pressure you into risking your life.

I wish you a long healthy and smart life!!!


victoria - February 3

The only thing I can think of go to drug store and ask for the Pharmacist for PLAN B. this may work. Do this before you period comes on.



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