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grandmaof2 - August 2

;D I was thinking, maybe i am wrong. We should share funny stories. To me laughter is important.
I was thinking that we could share a funny story about trips to the ob/gyn or family outings just anything to get us all laughing.
Laughter is good for the soul and good medicine.
This way we could share laughter and sorrow what ever you want.
If any one has suggested this I am sorry, I did not see it any where on this board. If I am out of line just let me know.

If you don't mind I will go first.


grandmaof2 - August 2

I went to visit an ob/gyn dr several yrs ago so that i could get my annual and discuss infertility with him.
First of all the staff was kind of rude and there were several pg women in the office the day i went. Little uneasy at first but since my mom went with me I decided to stay. I was called back and weighed. I was told to undress and gown in the fancy gown that they provided, so I did. After several minutes the doc showed up and he did not have an assistant with him and he asked if it was ok so i agreed to be examined with out his assistant and we went on with the interview of questions. He had asked me if anything had been bothering me and as I was going to say what it was we both heard sirens/alarms and he said excuse me so I can check to see what this is all about so I said ok.
Several, several minutes went by and I was on the examine table with no clothes on/just the gown and the sirens/alarms were still going off. I started to worry, should I get dressed or stick my head out the door but I just waited and then here he comes.
He stated that it was a false alarm and that he had to move is jaguar sp? from the parking garage incase a fire started. mind you i had been just waiting. so we went on with the questions and I told him that I was having pain with intercourse and he said how long have you been married I said about 3 yrs now. Must not be so bad you are making your husband happy so I won't even worry about it. I was so embarrased. So we finally finished with my visit and he never addressed my wanting a baby and I had decided not to come back to him. When my mom and I left she told me how come you did not come out when the siren/alrms went off I told her bcus no one told me to, she said that the fire department came to the office and got every one out of the entire building and I was left in the office. My mother stated that all the nurses and front office personal evacuated and so did the other patients except me and then my mother told one of the office staff what about my daughter she is in the back still the person said she got out the back door. So my mom did not worry. But actually they left me just sitting like a sitting duck ready to be roasted. We still laugh about this and it has been around 10 to 12 yrs. I have to say that was the worse and funniest thing that has happened to me.

Best wishes and good health


Bulldoglover - August 2

I don't have a funny story yet to share but I wanted to comment on yours. HOLY COW!!! I can't believe what you went through! I can't believe that a dr. would leave a patient in a building that could potentially be on fire so that he could move his car!!! I think I probably would have filed a complaint against him. He sounds like a horrible dr. That comment about you having pain but that it must not be too bad if your husband was satisfied?! What an dimwit. Glad you didn't go back!


amberchik - September 7

laughter is the best medicine!thats true. whatever happens to me, i must really have a good laugh, to let loose of all the tensions.i dnt have a funny story yet, except that i often make public fool of myself(im tall) i hit my head but the rails in buses all the time..... to toerhs it may be funny! i got so used to it that now when it hapens to me i start laughing at myself, even in public..


grandmaof2 - September 7

It is good to laugh at one self, but that must hurt hitting your head. How tall are you? if you don't mind me asking. No funny story as of yet.

Best Wishes and good health to all



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