Fluid in Tubes
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destinybaby - March 13

Hi Keeley,

I am responding to your questions regarding fluid in your tubes. I think i mentioned that I am in the same position. I am 34 and I have hydrosalpinx in both my tubes. I must say like you I was scared because I could not seem to find any successful pregnancie stories of anyone who had this.

So I started doing my research and found the same thing over and over, removal of the tubes for a better success rate. I must say like you I did not want to be tube less and I am scared of any type of surgery. But I know that this is the best decision for me and now I am scheduled to have my surgery on April 3rd and 2 months later will start IVF. So by this summer I should be pregnant God's willing.

Don't loose hope where there is a will there a way. If you would like me to share some other info let me know.

We are in the same boat, I am here to support you. :)

Baby Dust To All

I would love share so info with you if you are interested. Don't loose hope you will


Keeley - March 15

Hi Tia---

Thanks for replying to my posts it is comforting to know there is someone else out there going what I am going through that might be able to answer my questions. Monday I went to my RE and that is when he delivered this news to me. He said i was not a terrible candidate for laparoscopy and that if i wanted to go ahead with the surgery he would do it...but said i was a better candidate for IVF....and pretty much steered me and my husband in that direction.

He left it up to us to think about and told me to get back in touch with his clinic when we made our decision. He really didnt go into any details about the fluid on my tubes and if that would be a problem doing IVF (guess he will get to that next time)...

I am just confused about everything now...I was curious as to what causes the fluid? and can the tube be drained without removing them all together and still achieve a successful IVF pregnancy. Any information that you can provide me at all would be so much appreciated.

Thanks so much for taking your time and your support!



Keeley - March 15

One more thing i wanted to ask. When you did your HSG, did you have to do two of them? Also if you did, did the second one come back completely different than the first? My first HSG my right tube was open with a minimal spillage but my fertility doc said i could still get pregnant. My left tube didnt even show up at all....I went through 5 months of chlomid and one failed IUI attempt before she directed me to my RE that I am with now.

Before going to laparocopic surgery to have a look he wanted to do another HSG. This time both my tubes had fluid in them and were blocked. Thats when he said i would be a better candidate for IVF....I dont understand how or why that happend. Which is why i am wondering is there any way to drain the fluid but keep your tubes?

Did you have a similiar experience?


destinybaby - March 19

Hi Keeley,

I actually diid not do two laps, I did one and it was pretty clear about the fluid. I must say I was not sure how to handle it at first, but I did my research. I met with 2 different RE's. And they both said IVF, but the last RE had a higher success rate and had more experience not just in the most common infertility issues, but he had a lot of experience with the issue of fluid in the tubes and I felt comfortable with him, his assistant, the clinic (i also researched) and the procedure he suggested.

The fluid in the tubes could have been caused by a few different reasons. I do know that the fluid i very toxic and the will cause you NOT to have a baby, its that simple. What happens is, at some point the fluid leaks back into the uterus and cause you eggs not to fertilize or the embryo not to develp, or cause a m/c.

Draining the tubes are fine but the chances of it coming back is great, and a high chance of etopic pregnancy, so that's why removal of the tubes is the best option for you to have a baby. Removing the tubes is removing the problem. Your chances of getting pregnant with the fluid in the tubes is about 25 % and iagain t could be etopic.

I cannot believe your doctor even mention doing the LAP, maybe if you only had blockage and no fluid. Listen, the fluid WILL return. Seriously, IVF is your best bet and also it is very expensive and if you take a chance and do IVF with the fluid you will be giving away money. Get another opinion like pronto. As I mentioned I went to one of the TOP RE's in NYC and he gave me the facts he has be doing this for over 25 years and he gave me the history of IVF, the different procedures and the % of success. If you were in your 20's early or late I would say try the LAP and see, at least if it fails then you would still have time to try IVF while still having good quality eggs.

If there was a way for the fluid to be drained and not return then I would be doing just that. But there is no chance of that happening. I know this is very hard to take I wish I was wrong believe me.

They don't have remove all of your tubes totally just the section where there is fluid and also according to my RE it depends on how close it is to the uterus and ovaries.

Get your questions, answered by another RE, but honey I am so sorry to tell you that there are NO success stories of women carrying a baby to term with toxic fluid in the tubes.

There is a very nice woman name jamielee who had our problem she is actually on the 2 week wait board I am sure she will not mind answering some of your questions, she has been very supportive and informative to me. Drop her a line.

There is hope with IVF. If you are going to have surgery on your tubes make sure your RE did a least 1,000 or more. This is your body get only the best.

Baby Dust To All


Keeley - March 19

Hi Tia---

Thanks so much for all the information and help you are providing me with. I believe the reason why my RE did not discuss the fluid on the tube issue was because it was a consultation to discuss the results of the HSG. Then he told me about the lap and the IVF. He said that I was a better candidate for IVF. He was leaving it up to me and my husband to decide what we wanted to do and to call his clinic to let him know.

He is a pretty good doctor. He has 25 years of experience and has a very high rate of IVF successes. He was voted one of americas top doctors. He is also considered the best in this area. Which after contacting his clinic today to let them know and to get a price for IVF i learned its gonna cost $10,400.

6,400 for procedure
3,000 for meds
1,000 for monitoring

Plus his consultation of $250 or $485 if I need blood tests/ultra sound.

I can go through this other fertility clinic he works through to get any type of surgery to deal with the tubes and that will give me an 85% discount. But the IVF is gonna be the costly procedure

Coming up with this kind of money is what scares me. Do you know of any places that give financial aid or help with discounts that I could contact?? I just learned all this last week and feel like i have been overwhelmed and Im trying to sort through everything.

And trying to figure out what caused this fluid is driving me crazy. The stuff Im finding on the websites doesnt really seem like it applies to me and Im wondering if there is more ways for this to occur than what they are listing. I cant believe the difference one week can make reguarding draining you emotionally.

Wishing you great blessings and success with your IVF---PLEASE LET ME KNOW how it all turns out.



destinybaby - March 19

Hi Keeley,

I am a little confused, I thought that discussing the results of the HSG is discussing what came up on the films which in my case showing fluid in the tubes. I still believe that if he was to discuss the HSG he should have discussed the most important fluid in the tubes.

This is the main reason for you not getting pregnant. Me personally, I did not have a specific RE I had my own OBGYN but not a specific RE i was referred to one so in as much as I believed and have seen his wall of success of the first RE that i went to see and yes he was in the Top Doctor issue when it came to the procedure of taking care of my issue with fluid in my tubes I felt I needed a second opinion. Maybe just to hear it twice.

I am so happy that I did because even with my own research most of what I read about in fixing my tubes and removing the fluid was confirmed by my second opinion RE who is the issue of Top Doctors of 2006. Also Dr. Jacobs on this forum, basically shared the same procedure of the second opinion RE.

I know you really like this guy, but PLEASE just go for a second opinion it will not hurt and if the second opinion tells you the same thing then you can always go back to the first RE to carry out any procedures. This is big so its best to be 100% comfortable.

IVF is expensive as you know and unfortunately some couples are being told to have procedures that has a very low success rate. For me I just want the best possible procedure because everything costs.

Wow the cost you got is pretty low where do you live?
I live in nyc and it will be about $5000 more. I guess it differs from clinic to clinic and state to state.

If you live in nyc then i can help with what our state offers with the cost of IVF.

As far as the fluid it can be a mystery but the reasons are pretty specific.

I am here for you when need talk.

Supernatural Baby Dust


Keeley - March 19

Hi Tia--

How I got to know this doctor was because my orignal Fertility specialist (Dr. K) led me to this clinic that had REI and other Fertility treatments. She along with my other doctor ( Dr. S) (i had 2 specialists i worked with before going here) are the head of this fertility clinic and I could do the treatments for 85-100% off. (because I have no insurance)

This RE (Dr. H) is the head over the entire program. After reviewing my case before sending me into surgery he wanted to do one more HSG, because the first HSG I did with (Dr. K) was abnormal. He didnt want to cost us anymore money than necessary especially if we were going to have to go the IVF route no matter.

(I hope im not confusing you because im just so worked up right now and upset that im trying to convey all my thoughts at once and hope that I am making sense, and I so greatly appreciate the advice you are giving me and hope that I am not bombarding or pestering you with so many questions)

When I met with my RE (Dr. H) last week he sat me down and told me that I was not a terrible candidate for LAP and showed me the X-ray saying the light and dark in one of the tubes looked like a healthy tube. That it would be more expensive for me to do the LAP and there was only a low % that after opening the tube it would work and that I was high risk for Tubal Pregnancy which could lead to death.

Dr. H then went on to say that i was a better candidate for IVF. He told me and my husband we needed to think about which option we wanted to go with because if I would have wanted to go ahead with the LAP he would have done it last Tues. But when my husband heard "death" he said we needed to go for the IVF.

He wanted me and my husband to think it over and make an appointment to meet with him. (Which is when he will probably further discuss the fluid thing but im impatient and upset about it and im trying to gather up as much info as possible to bring to the table when I make my appt to tell him our decision). Up to that point his services were free because we were using him through this fertlility clinic.

We live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

(Dr. K stands for Kaiser
Dr. S stands for Sosnowski
Dr. H is Hoffman my RE)

I apologize if Im not making sense i have been in tears all morning.


jordan23 - March 27

Hi Tia & Keeley!

My name is Anna and live in San Jose, Ca. My husband and I have been TTC for approx. 1 1/2 yrs now. I'm blessed to have found this site. I just had the HSG procedure yesterday and it appears that I also have blockage in my tubes, possibly fluid according to the nurse practioner. I have an appnt with my MD tomorrow to discuss the results of that and other tests including the semen analysis my husband got done as well. We'll see what our next step is and what options we have.

I 've been doing some research as well, and it looks like a diagnosis of hydrosalpinx (fluid in the tubes) has a few treatments. Most likely surgery to either lessen the blockage or remove the blocked area all together. Removing the blocked area will probably increase chance of having more successful IVF treatments. It really does depend on the severity of the blockage and/or other infertility issues, everyone may be a little different.

I'm hoping my husband's semen analysis will turn out well. I'm staying positive, but I do accept the reality of all this too. I'm still grateful to be living the life I have with the best husband ever. Regardless of what the outcome will be, I will keep my head up and make informed decisions.

I will be thinking about you guys and if you need to talk or need support, i'm also here for ya!!! Tia keep me posted on your surgery, i'm sure it will go well. And Keeley keep me posted to on how your doing.

Baby dust to all you too!!!


cindim - March 28

hi ladies,
i am one of the few % that also have all the same issues as you all hve noted! i hve had 2 hsg's same result 1 tube blkd and other partial open, my obgyn has this hope that i will just become preg with that partial open tube but after 2yrs of using nothing i am still not preg.. so reality kicked in and he refrd me to his counter part fertility doc who explained hydrosalpx can be caused by several things most times previous internal infections etc and yes the fluid in your tubes will most likely leak out 95% and not allow ivf to wrk. so the nxt option is to remove tubes if the damage is that severe(scared) then move on to starting ivf. i also had the lapscpy done and due to the inflation etc he was unable to clear frm that position... i hve put this to rest for few yrs and just got married feb3rd and purchased my home and am 32yrs old so yes my itch to start my family is now.. my husband needs to get sperm count done and with gods grace that will be fine and i will plan to also hve surgey and move to ivf witin the yr.
LADIES KEEP IN MIND WE MAY HAVE THIS OBSTICLE AND SERIOUS EXPENCE COMING TO US BUT WE STILL OVULATE AND PRODUCE OUR EGGS WHEN SOME DONT EVEN HVE THT OPTION. my last resort would be if his sperm is good then maybe find a serogate to avoid surgery if not you can always adopt.
well i would love to here bck from any of you and your outcomes and any info you can also provide please fwrd on.



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