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chynnadoll - February 8

Ladies, Just thought I would share some information with you all, I was going to bed and decided to watch the 10pm news.

The were showing couples who had been trying to get p/g and were unable to, One couple has had 2 children in 2 years. They are using Fertility Blend, they were showing studies and everything thing and it sounds pretty good.

They were saying it contains Herbs, Minerals and Vitiamins and something called Chasteberry which helps with ovulation and reproduction.

They of course have a website, I have'nt checked it out but they also said that GNC and Rite Aid Drug Store carry it, I guess they showed the stores in my state since I am in California.

Well just wanted to share that information with who ever it could possible help, It's weird because I never watch the news this time of night so I guess it was meant for me to share this info with you ladies.

Oh yeah ladies, I got a BFP on 02/02 so I'm just praying and asking God to see me and this little blessing through this, Take Care Ladies

And Baby Dust to You all ;)


baby4us - February 8

Interesting news Chynnadoll! and great news on your BFP.. have you had your 2nd beta test yet? I hope all is going well!


Monica - February 8

CONGRATULATIONS Chynnadoll!!! I didn't know that.....Did you post that on the Ovulex VI board? If not, I know that alot of people could use a little encouragement & some good news right about now. I am sooo happy for you. That is awesome!



chynnadoll - February 8

baby4us, I'm waiting for me doc to call me now with some kind of info, Thank you so much, I pray all is going well with you also :)..Take Care China


chynnadoll - February 8

Monica, Thank you so much, I did just post on the Ovulex board for the sisters to check out the info on Fertility Blend, it seems alot of the women have stopped the Ovulex, hopefully this can and will help! Good Luck to you....Take Care, China


Shara - February 10

Congratulations Chynnadoll,

I am glad that your dedication paid off for you. Now turn around and throw some of that Babydust our way.



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