Everyone But You...
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Jess - June 20

Hey~ How do you girls deal with everyone getting pregnant around you -BUT YOU!? There always seems to be someone or something reminding me that it is easy for so many people. Any tips on how to cope and stay "stress free"?

Thanks a ton


Les23 - October 17

I feel the exact same way about this. In fact my cousin and sil are due this week. they are both going to be induced. Then I have friends due every month through March. Yesterday my other cousin called me to tell me that she is expecting again. this will be their 3rd and they were wanting to stop at 2. She was acting like it was horrible that their plan of no more babies did not work. It really irritated me for her to be so upset about having another baby. I was like you are blessed, be happy.
True friends will understand if you do not want to hang around all the time with the little ones. They are cute but sometimes the feelings become so strong that you have to distance yourself for a while.


Mahogany Heart - October 17

:( Jess you are not alone my best friend did not want any more kids. She had her two and that was I enough for her she said. When she founded out she was expecting another baby she was depressed for about 3 months after finding out. I was speechless because she really did not want anymore children. I remember getting off the phone after she told me she was pregnant and I cried and cried and cried. I couldn't understand someone who really don't want any more kids can get pregnant if their mate even look at them hard and I can't get pregnant if one was inserted in me. It can have you all messed up and at one time I had to do the advantages and disadvantages and I guess that is how I cope.

All I can say is Ladies we have to keep trying and hold our heads up. Some things will work and some will not but we will never know if we QUIT. So don't! Keep on keeping on because our Babies are on their way. :)


cin - October 18

I always thought I was the only one who felt that way, don't really want to be happy for any one else but no real reason not to be!! I have young cousins who arn't married live at home w/mom and going on 2nd kid and I have been trying for 3yrs no luck and the sad part is I know I wasn't born with this issue it developed as i got older I guess (wz preg whn younger and lost it).I spent 7yrs with same guy nvr married and he nvr put much effort into the TRYING process he's gone but today my current love whom i will marry now has to experience me MAYBE not being able to concieve naturally???? why me right!! I have one blkd tube and may have surgery early in yr to unblk but of coarse no guartees by doc.. any hope or feed bck or magic pills ??? let me know.. my next step is ovulex nxt mnth.. anything at this point.. the stress sometimes isn't worth it I said once before but here i am willing to try again :-(... and $$ for inf doesn't seem like an option at this point.. 30yrs old and i guess if it doesn't happen at or by 32 giving up...!!


RLF5981 - October 19

This seems to be harder sometimes than coming up with a neg. test. I have to work with it everyday. Just when we started IVF the girl who works across from me found out that she was pg. There are days when she complains that I just want to yell DO YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE?? But than I just have to keep positive and think to myself it will be me next.


Les23 - October 20

CIN - I just wanted to let you know that I understand how you feel. I am currently taking Ovulex and I am happy with it so far. I think with all the vitamins in it, that I have been feeling better. Not prego yet. But be careful getting pregnant with tubes with blockage it could sometimes lead to eptopic pregnancy. it happened with my sister-in-law. good luck


cin - October 20

LES23 -
Thank you ! and yes i read on one of these bulletins that even after surgery chances of eptopic preg is a great chance,but also same note DR. says I need surgery if I even concider IVF. We (signf other)have now talked about hving someone else carry for us or adoption, but I guess thats what is great bout this time around HE is giving the options even when I'm ready to shut down!! good luck to you and if any sucess w/ovulex let me know .. :-)


Les23 - October 20

Well I am sure everything will work out for you. I will keep you updated on the Ovulex. It makes AF a lot easier. The back ache and things are so minute that you do not even notice AF is coming.


Mahogany Heart - January 28

You know I use to get mad and cry. I even use to get depressed. I did some soul searching and got myself together so when some one get pregnant now I'm happy for them. I know everytime I get mad and upset I set off bad toxics. I have really changed for the better. I don't even get mad when my cycle comes on. Even though it really hardly comes on. I keeping the Faith and being Faithful!!!


Debie - January 30

Mohagany I can totally relate. I have come to accept that I will have my baby someday, as 44 rightly said "It's not in our control". In fact I have put on-hold active TTC to loose some weight, I hear it too can contribute to IF. So in the meantime I am working very hard at eliminating factors that could be hindering us from having a baby and I am not as depressed as I have been especially between April and October last year.

I plan to get back on the wagon in June. I have to get my sanity back and I think my current state of mind will help achieve that.



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