Day 3 vs. Day 5 Transfer
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cdad0207 - August 7

I am so confused, disturbed, emotional, and all of the above right now :) I am new to this site, however reading and sharing has definitely helped me so far. I just had my transfer done on August 2nd...I am in the 2ww...which is horrible! I am curious as to who has conceived on a day 3 transfer vs. day 5? I was so let down when my doctor told me that it would be a day 3 transfer, for some reason, I had my hopes set on a day 5 transfer. After doing research, it seems as if that is substantially more successful? I was on fertility meds, which still isn't extremely clear to me as all of my prelim. tests came back positive, my husband has a low count and that is what caused us to go for IVF w/ICSI. I was on Lupron injections for a period of time, then Gonal F and Menopur, and now Progestrone injections. I had 9 fertilized eggs and they transferred 1 grade b and 1 grade c. (my facility grades them by number 1- 5, 1 being the best) I have a progestrone test on Thursday, and my pregnancy test on August 1th. That was also an extreme let down. Has anyone had a similiar fact pattern?

I am extremely pecimistic...I have to learn to turn things around! This roller coaster is something I never thought of riding!


Red - August 7

Welcome cdad! I, too, have had a 3 day transfer recently rather than a 5 day. We previously had a 5 day transfer and it resulted in a chemical pregnancy (embryo implanted, but didn't go any further). This time the embryos developed to nearly a perfect stage (ours were 2 grade A, 8 cell) by the time 3 days rolled around. I've heard both sides and have had [u][/u]exactly[u][/u] the same concerns as you. Our philosophy has been that is is done and over and now it is up to the heaven above and to just be positive. I've received confirmation from a couple people on the 2ww board that is is possible to be pregnant on the 3 day so have hope!!! Sometimes it is not a good thing to dwell on the articles we all read when it drives us this crazy. I know how difficult your situation is because we were in the same situation so I'm speaking from experience. You just have to remember that God never gives us more than we can handle and find positive in all situations in your life! It can happen to you as I've been given proof by others on this website. Keep you chin up and the 2ww will be done before you know it (mine's up Friday and it actually has flown by ;D)!! Good luck and just keep talking to the positive people on the 2ww and you'll do just great!



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