clomid 100mg days 2-6 anyone
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Mahogany Heart - September 26

Wow Angelz,

I haven't been able to post in a long time. I'm so happy they have it ready I have something big to post.


angelz9 - September 26

hey mahogany

Stop playning around and give up info ...

i hope its a BFP and ur just waiting to confirm ...

Hurry up need to hear ....

how is everyone else doing?

i am 14 dpo today had small spot of stingy brown stuff and a few cramps and my temp dropped to 98.3 . i only found that string by reaching in there(tmi) but no other on pantyliner i prayed and am trusting God ..

Mahogany prayered for all of last night especially U mahogany ..

Supernatural baby dust to all


Mahogany Heart - September 27

No not me Angelz. Another sister from the Sisterhood got a BFP and is having twins. I wish I did have news to tell. LOL. I laughed so hard when I read your post.

Thank you so much Angelz you must be know I have been going through so things. I'm glad you prayed for me because I pray for us all as well. I hope you get your BFP.


tryin12 - September 27

Hello ladies...Im new to this post and have a history of miscarriages...3 blighted ovums since last August...Im trying to understand why you take clomid???? does it help you to ovulate or sustain the pg??? my doc has suggested this in the past but never explained it to me!!! any help would b great!!!!


angelz9 - September 29

Welcome :D tryin12

clomid is used to stimulate your ovaries to help ovulation . it appears that u are getting pregnant but not sustaing them .

Clomid will not help that u need to have ur progesterone levels checked 7 days after ovulation which ever day that is because not everyone has a perfect 28 day cycle .. this test is often referred to as 21 day progesterone test.
have u been tested to for particular genes in ur blood i can't remember the name of them but if u read the posts on here u will come across them.

some people use baby aspirin or low dose aspirin and progesterone suppositories as miscarriage preventative measures but discuss with ur doc first.. the suppositories are used or tablet form if u have low progesterone levels hence the test on 7dpo. progesterone is important to sustain a pregnancy until the placenta takes over... talk to your doc and if u are not being informed find a doc who will and always do some research on ur own ...

long post guys ..

Mahogany heart :
bless u girl were are u ?
I am currently on cd 3 and have decide not to use clomid right now i am going to take it slow and use herbal stuff what about u ?
I had a 29 day cycle on clomid and i am still having hot flashes every now and again .. i did ovulate on cd 15 so AF was right on time...

Any way God is good ..


Mahogany Heart - September 29


I'm on cd 31. I should see my cycle either tomorrow or Sunday. My RE told me not to take Clomid this month so I'm not taking it either this cycle. I just finish taking Prometrium on Wednesday. I usually have 32 day cycles but this one was 31. I was really surprised about that. No hot flashes here just some discomfort on the left side and my breast or hurting like crazy. I know its not the caffeine because I been watching my intake of it. Having those you know what symptoms (pregnancy symptoms) but you know its all in the mind. As soon as AF shows are the HPT says not pregnant they disappear the pregnancy symptoms. If my OPK told the truth then I OV on cd 16. I didn't get a chance to BD this cycle that much with DH working out of town but that Tuesday night cd 15 we did I got up the next morning cd 16 and my LH stick read positive. Took another on cd 17 and it read negative.

Supernatural Baby Dust


Lizelle - October 1

Hey There!

I just joined this website, honestly to look for women who are going through or been through the same thing as me. I started my first dose of clomid on September 10 which was a Sunday and the 5th day of my period, I had to take it till Thursday which would make it a total of 5 days on clomid. I was on a 100mg daily. I read all the side effects and I was freaked out, especially about the weight gain, since I teach aerobics, and work-out every single day, sometimes twice a day. But, good news, I actually lost 3lbs on Clomid, I think it's because the 5 days that I was on it, I really cut done on what was eating and ran 4 miles a day, and doubled my work-out.

They accompained my clomid with my first IUI, which was done on Sept 19 and 20th. I'm suppose to get my blood drawn this coming week. I am keeping my fingers crossed for positive results!!


angelz9 - October 9

mahogany heart :

congrats to u and i hope everything goes well be posting for a while need to take a break from it all ...

to everyone bab dust to u all ...



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