clomid 100mg days 2-6 anyone
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angelz9 - September 6

hi i just wanted to if anyone was using clomid and at what mgs and which days and what were your side effects if any..

also did any anyone also have a blocked tube and ovulated on that side and was prescribed the clomid to wake up other ovary?

any info appreciated ::)


Mahogany Heart - September 6

Hello Angelz,

I'm back on Clomid 100mg days 3-7. Last night was my day 7 of the clomid. My side effects blurred vision at night. It kicks in around 10:?? pm.


angelz9 - September 7

hi mahogany

i think we are on the same cycle days .. i am cd 10 today ...
i think i read somewhere on the leaflet for clomid that blurred vision should be reported to your doctor ...
i only had mild headaches and hot flashes ...

i think i am about to ovulate will know to day at doctors i felt the O pains and cervix has risen ...
kinda early for me on a 27 day cycle ...
but maybe it is the days i took it 2-6 more follies oh another thing it has wrecked havoc on my mucus what about u ? i usually use preseed ...
any way baby dust to you ...
and all u ladies on here


Lila - September 7

I will preface this by saying this is just my opinion and I do not mean to sound negative but I wish someone had said these things to me so here goes.

I did 6 cycles with Clomide - 3 natural, and 3 IUI and I have to say I hate that drug. I was left with terrible cysts that had to be surgically aspirated - and trust me Lap surgery is not fun. I also gained 25lbs in 6 months on Clomide (even with exercise). I had heat flashes, but honestly those were not a big deal. My lining became much to thin to support a pregnancy, and my periods became very strang and different on Clomide. But worse than all that were the mood swings - IF is difficult enough, the BFNs are tough to deal with but those on Clomide were almost unbearable. I am in an IVF cycle right now, which from a meds perspective is much more intense, but I have had almost no side effects and certainly nothing like what I had to endure with Clomide.

If you read Dr Jacob's posts he says he has not prescribed it in 10 years and there are better alternatives out there and I believe him. My clomide cycles were all with my OB (I was to ignorant and naive to know I should have been with an RE) and I think OBs are just not that up to date in IF and again just my opinion but they have no business even trying to help with IF. If a patient comes to them after unsuccessful TTC for a year they should imediately refer them to an RE and not mess around with something that is out of their area of expertise.

I do not mean to be too negative and know there are successful clomide stories out there I just would give my two cents that if you want to give it a try fine just do not waste too much time on it if it does not work right away as there really are some down sides to it and there are other alternatives that work better with IUI than clomide.

The only other piece of advice is I hope your IUI is being monitored with B/W and US to give it the best chance and I hipe if you are doing it with an OB that you have talked with them about what happens if you O on a weekend. Make sure they are willing to come in and perform both sperm wash and IUI no matter what day it is otherwise the whole month was a waste and again with the mood swings that accompany clomide a dissapointment like that can be extremly difficult and frustrating. If there are concerns that your OB can not take care of you if it is a Sunday or something you would be better with an RE who is more accustomed to the 24/7 that comes with treating IF.

Again I hope this did not offend you or was too negative I just wish I had heard some of this back when I was in your shoes.


jiggidysgirl - September 7

Hi Ladies,

I am a clomid sucess story and without it I would not have been able to ovulate to get pregnant. It did not work for me the first 3 times but it did work with an IUI.

I too had a terrible time with weight gain on it and feeling moody but it is worth it so far.

I think it is like anything if you have a side effects and no success it will feel like the worst thing that every happened. Often it is the only thing that a lot of people can afford. My husband and I were not sure what we would do if this did not work.

One piece of advice that a friend told me when she got pregnant with clomid was after 3 cycles get everything else checked out and make sure there is not something else going on with your body. I had a laparoscopy done and an HSG done before I started on my 4th cycle with an IUI.

Different things work for different people and I think giving warnings about the side effects is a great thing to do. But the difference in a $30 prescription of clomid and a 5000 IVF is huge and if the clomid can work for a person it is certainly worth it.

Good Luck to all of you and let me know if you have any questions. I used clomid on days 3-7, 100 mg. I had trouble ovulating. I tried 50 mg but that did not work.



Lila - September 7

If you saw my post I was in no means suggesting IVF - that usually is at the end of trying a long list of other things as well as a lot of tests. I am on to IVF for my own reasons but certainly not because I love IVF and its expense but because it is most likely my only option. I would not wish this on anyone let alone suggest it to others - that I will leave for an RE to do if and when it is ever appropriate.

All I said was that there are alternative drugs and injectibles for IUI other than clomide and having a talk about the success rates with your DR about those different drugs can be helpful both in learning about all the options as well as the different costs and side effects involved with each option.

I am so happy it was a good match for you and I have a friend with a Clomide baby so I know it works and was not suggesting it does not I just think it is a drug one should use with eyes wide open and since this forum is a great place to learn from others' experiences I thought it worth putting this info out there.

Again congratulation on your pregnancy I hope it proceeds well and you soon have your baby in your arms.


Mahogany Heart - September 7

Hello Angelz9

Yes you are a day ahead of me. Supernatural BabyDust to you.

Yes it does read that not sure why I haven't reported it to my Doctor. That is the only side effect other then the strangest pain I get around OV time.

My cm is not in the best condititon. I just ordered the preseed it came in yesterday and I'm on the green tea as well. I start the prometruim cd 16. One of the sisters from the sisterhood just founded out she was pregnant after using clomid 100mg, ovidrel and preseed and she is having twins. God is Good.

Talk to you later.


angelz9 - September 8

hi everyone

lila: thanks for the info no offence taken negative or positive info helps anyone make an informed decision and congrats to you...

Heather : congrats to u too i wanted to try the IUI but my doc is laid back about that stuff and i am not ready to push for just yet....

Mahoganyheart : Since this is my first at 100mg and i have no idea what it will do to my O , I am just crossing my fingers since my temps started to dip yesterday ..
i had really high before O temps for me at 98.2 for days
normally its around 97.6 so i am a little bewildered ...

i have read its the clomid and yup i am having those cramps on both sides every now and again ...

Is ovidrel a trigger shot i want to try one of those will discuss with doc..

Any way guys thanks for the input any more is still appreciated ...

TO everyone trying BABY DUST to you all and to those preggers CONGRATS


liz - September 8

MH -

I just wanted to jump in here and share with you my experience with cm issues. I too have had cm that is not up to par. I did a lot of reading, as I am sure you have. I started with the green tea on my last cycle. I would drink about 3 cups a day (decaf) and I 100% feel that it made a hudge difference. I went in for a post colital test and the re was thrilled, he said my cm looked great. It was a huge shock to me. I don't know if the green tea was the trick but I highly recommend it to anyone.

Best of luck to all of you! Lots of sticky baby dust!


Mahogany Heart - September 8


I bought some LH sticks today. I'm doing fine. Feeling some light discomfort. DH is out of town until Sunday. He will be until Wednesday I pray we dont' miss OV.
Ovidrel is a shot to help ovulation.


Thank Liz, when I got pregnant in 2004 I was doing the green tea and it work for me. The only thing I had a ectopic. I'm so happy for you and the news of your BFP and you are having twins as well . You Go Girl.


angelz9 - September 8

hi liz
thanks for input i am currently also drinking the green tea and i am using alfalfa mixed views on its use but the combination seems to be helping with alkalizing cm.
did u also use clomid and on what days and mgs..

i too am using pea sticks and still getting negatives so i guess the wait and see begins ...
i did a whole lot of blood work yesterday- estradol and testerone FSH TSH , antibody test and a whole mess of others and will go for the 21 day progesterone and another semen analysis and a ultra sound ..
so here i go again...

stll cramping a bit ..

if ur still around on what day did u O on that cycle if u know and don't mind sharing ..


Shara - September 9

Hey MH - i see you are just all over the place huh LOL!

Hey Liz I wanted to ask you, why did your doctor order a post coital test for you? Was it standard in the protocol you were undergoing?

Angelz - I did the Ovidrel shot (day 14 with ultrasound) with Clomid 100mg day 3-7 and bd with pre-seed. You might want to ak your doctor if you can use it in conjunction with your Clomid - I had to pay out of pocket and the hospital pharmacies will charge you an arm and a leg. I suggest going through Walgreens Pharmacy (68.00) and it is typically given when you have at least one follicle around 19 -20cm. I had 3 ready 20, 16, and 17 and two implanted -this was my first month with both and I have years of hormonal imbalance problems and undiagnosed PCOS so good luck to you!!

I am throwing Baby Dust all over you guys !!!!!!@!


liz - September 9

Shara -

I was telling the nurses at my re's office that I felt that I had a problem with my cm. I had very little and it never seemed to be what you read it should be. They decided to do the post colital test just to make sure everything was ok there. Its hard to tell if I did have a problem and the green tea worked, since I started it the same month or if I never really did have an issue. I, like many of us know our bodies and I just feel that the cm issue was present and the green tea helped me me.

Angelz -
I was on Clomid but only for 1 month. My body did not handle it too well. I went from the Clomid to Repronex injections. I did 2 cycles, at the end of my 2nd I got a bfp!

Best of luck to all of you!


angelz9 - September 10

hi liz

thanks for the info i too have cm problems on clomid and congrats on BFP..

Mahogany : i have been reading some of ur post and yes i do believe its God's time not ours , he also say to ask in His name and believe...

stll trying to find anyone who had or have one blocked tube and ovulates on that side and the use of clomid to wake ovary up...

To day my temps are still low but i can tell its gearing up to O and CM seems to be building ..

Well baby dust to all


Mahogany Heart - September 10


Thank you for reading some of my posts next time you drop by one reply. I love the communication and fellowship. One of the Sisters from the sisterhood had a blocked tube. She has taking a vacation from ttc for a while.


angelz9 - September 25

hi everyone how are u guys doing ?

Mahogany heart : how are u girl ? did u manage to get in the required BD since ur Dh was out of town ?
i hope u did tell me about ur cycle and whats happening will keep u in my prayers : ;D

i am currently on cd28 and 13 dpo according to FF with temps of 98.6 -98.8 and watery cm since O ..
i tested to day with OPk and got positive then tested with Hpt and got BFN .. will give it two more days unless Af shows up trying not to obessess about was reading bords and sign all day .. :-[

Has anyone ever tried using opks to test for pregnancy ?

read about it on interesting reading ::)

still want to hear some more stories on days 2-6 100 mg of clomid ... ???

sending prayers and baby dust to all who struggle


Mahogany Heart - September 26

Wow Angelz,

I haven't been able to post in a long time. I'm so happy they have it ready I have something big to post.



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