Baby Names
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Les23 - November 14

Hey everyone I just was thinking of names for the future baby I am going to someday conceive. My friend said her husband had no influence on her at all. She named the girls and did not care what he thought. I was just wondering how everyone else goes about it.


Native - November 24

Now I have a couple of friends who have friends that have recently given birth and the names that these people come with are crazy :-[

If by chance any of these name that I'm about to list happens to be anyone you know or may be your name, then I apologize for the crazy statement. But you have to admit that your name is quite unique.

Here we go:

Orangejello.........these two are twin boys
SirPrinceWonderfulMessiah......she needs Jesus herself
Pocahantas....a ltittle girl who happens to be mixed
Diarhiana....too close to the real thing
Qufofina....I guess Josefina was a bit much

Finally my ultimate personal favorite. This little boy was a boy I use to babysit in my teenage years. He's a grown man now, but can you imagine what he went through in school. Drum rolls please...................


The name is pronounced the way it is spelled. Needless to say there was a whole lot of kleenex use when I babysat him. He would cry forever :'(

So please people be careful what you name your child. You may think that it's cute when they are small, but they have to live with it and defend it for the rest of their lives.

I know what that feels like, cause in another language my name means testicles. Thank goodness I did not find out until I was in my sophmore year of college.


Les23 - November 28

I know the Lemonjello and Orangejello names. I have heard about the lady that did this. One of the nurses told my boss about it. They actually live in the town I live in!! that was just wrong if you ask me. She named them that beacause when they were born she could not think of names for them so she named them the last thing she had eaten before they came.


Mahogany Heart - November 28

Sounds like a crazy person.


nik - January 9

what about aikkin


chynnadoll - January 11

That's different, which is good, I'm so tired of common names!


nik - January 14

its just my named spelled backwards i don't know that i would ever name a child that...but just wondering



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