Anyone else felt like this any advice?
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Stacey85 - May 4

Hi wonder if anyone else has felt like this and any advice on to how best to tackle this, thats been around 2 years dh and I have been ttc and nothing, we live in UK so takes while for fertility appointment but had first appointment on Tues when they scanned my womb & ovaries that seemed fine I go in next month for a laparoscopy to check my tubes are not blocked anyway everyone around me seems to be having babies right now and I feel so selfish for saying this but we have a niece that is 6 months old at the moment and I find it so hard to be around her my DH used to get jealous been about her but got over it I don't get jealous but takes everything in me not to burst in to tears I have never held her or played with her and I really would love to but I know I couldn't do it without ending up in tears and DH brother and her partner don't know we ttc so what would they think, I really hate been like this but cannot help it. ???


CPacino - May 5


Sorry for the way you are feeling. I don't know what to suggest, telling family is such a personal decision. It's up to both of you if you want to tell. There are probably ups & downs to telling. If you do tell, you may find family members able to consider your feelings better, when deciding to anounce their PGs etc.

My DH & I have been TTC for over 6yrs (have PCOS among other problems). Have seen friends/relatives/co-workers, all having many babies over that time & wishing it was us. Especially when the person having the baby already has like 3 or more children already.

My SIL has a 9/M baby. She is extremely obese, got pregnant first month she tried. Isn't married, in fact doesn't even have a BF. I see her baby all the time, she is a very good mother. Although I'm not a mother, at least I will be a favourite aunt, that's better than nothing I suppose. Surprisingly SIL does seem to understand how infertility is so devastating. And unlike some un-enlightened people she has never sugested 'why don't you just adopt'.

Don't get me wrong I wouldn't wish infertility on my worst enemy. But it just seems so unfair that so many people can get PG at the drop of a hat. Without even having to appreciate what they have.

Even at work I can't get away from it. People I've only ever worked with once, seem to think they should bring in their brand new baby & show them off to me. Of course they have no idea what they are doing. But that doesn't help when I look down at their bundle of joy & wish why not me for once?

Good luck with your decision & the lap.
Hope you get a BFP soon.


Hope33 - May 6

Hi Girls,

I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I have also been ttc for 2 years with no success. My younger sister had a baby last year. They weren't even trying. When she first called to tell me she was pregnant, I got so upset. I was a little surprised with my reaction but I was very upset. It just felt so unfair. She wasn't ready for a baby yet, she was only 21 and had just gotten married and was going to college. Meanwhile my husband and I are 30 and 32 and very much ready to have a baby and it's just not happening.

I also have a coworker who is pregnant and talks about it every day. It's very hard to hear every day. It's just a constant reminder that I'm not pregnant.

I had laparascopy last year and my tubes aren't blocked. My husband was also tested and he is fine. My doctor tested my blood and found that my progesterone level was low so he put me on Clomid for 6 months and we still didn't conceive. It's been very frustrating. I go back to the doctor next week to see what my options are.

I wish you both the best of luck!



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