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Trina76 - November 24

First off, let me do my little intro, (for those of you that don't know me).....Hello ladies, I'm Trina, a 30 yrs. old office manager, married over 5 years, I've been blessed to experiance motherhood, my hubby came into the marriage with a 3 mos. old, at 9 mos. I legally aopted him and things have been just peachy every since. Well, up until about early this year. Lately i've been wanting a baby so bad, I can almost smell the baby magic lotion!!! So, a friend told me about" The Geritol Tonic", I started the God awful stuff and was blessed with the seed ;D almost imediately, only to result in a m/c shortly there after :(...Okay a couple of months pass, I jump right back on the rolla coaster ( and what a ride it has been). And Bam...Pregnant ;D (again) and as quickly as it happened again it as taken away :(....I don't know what's worst not being able to get pregnant, or not being able to stay pregnant until your actual due date ???. Either way it's a jacked up feeling.......But N E Who,,,I'm wondering what's next? I just turned 30 ( I had a wonderful birthday party-- wish you guys could have been there ;D) I'm scheduled to start clomid soon, I'm sort of thinking I need something much more advanced like injections... Has anyone had immediate results with 100mg clomid?????? What do you guys suggest? I know it's all upto me and DH, but some cyber input wouldn't hurt at all... Can I get Clomid with the injection to insure ovulation? Maybe thats a question I should ask my ob-huh? As much $$$$$$$ that we have spent we should have our own advise colum in the local newspaper.......Any suggestions, would help me,,, Thanks for taking the time to read my problems :)



Mahogany Heart - November 24


I know it is very hard for you right now. I've been through a struggle trying to get pregnant for many years now. I also experience a lost finding out the same day I was pregnant for them to tell me it is not in the right place. The Lord have been so merciful to me.

One of the Sisters from the Sisterhood use Clomid and took the Ovidrel Shots and came up pregnant with twins. She is doing well and so are the babies. She is also due in May. Different things work for different people. Another sister from the sisterhood did the same thing and didn't get pregnant as fast as the other. She just found out she was pregnant. One of the sisters was taking Ovulex and Clomid and nothing as yet and she started Ovulex last year.

Are you covering all your bases? Have you talk to your Doctor about the lining of your uterus? When I got pregnant in 2004 I was on Clomid 50 mg and green tea and DH was taking Geritol Tonic. When I got pregnant this time I was taking Clomid 100 mg, Praying, green tea, Prenatal and a extra folic acid, pre-seed, opk, Prometrium and we only BD twice. My RE in 1994 told me not to BD so much you limit your chances as well. Last cycle before the one I got pregnant on we BD too much and I was taking the same stuff almost. You have to limit your stress. What are you taking now? When it comes to pain relievers what are your taking? All those things play a part in infertility.



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