Another Success Story!!! Amanda You GO Girl!!!
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Mahogany Heart - December 12

[glow=blue,2,300][size=4][move]You did it Girl!!![/move][/size][/glow]

[size=4][glow=red,2,300]Amanda from our Ovulex board got pregnant after she stop using Ovulex for two months and then started using Pre-seed. Ovulex IV Page 13 Reply 188 Check it out.[/glow][/size]

[move][glow=orange,2,300][size=4]We Love you Girl!!![/size][/glow][/move]


sabrina - January 2

so do u think ovulex, doesn't work or what?


Mahogany Heart - January 3


Are you addressing me with the question or Amanda?

As for me Love, I believe Ovulex is a excellent product I love it. I also believe it works for some and not others. It also works faster on a lot of women that I found don't have major cycle delay. I'm a true believer or finding what works for you and doing it. Each TTC is different and the main focus it to ovulate and once you can get the Ovulation down pack you have to work on quality CM. So now you have Ovulation going on and quality CM then you should give it sometime and not to long you will have your miracle.


DianaEvans2 - February 26

Following up to Scuba42's reply's another 42 year old that is pregnant thanks to Ovulex(partially!).... (aside, I saw someone mention, no Trader Joe's in Manhattan...but there are at least 2 of them on Long Island in Suffolk County-let me know if you need something specific from their store)

very interesting reading all of the above related to Ovulex. I also bought Ovulex and am now confirmed chemically pregnant (blood and first sono-not yet fetal heartbeat sono) at age 42.9.

I had to go IVF given my DH's sitution (poor morphology) and my age. First IVF was last July and no Ovulex in the picture. Then I spend 5 months (at my age-that is a 5 years!) trying to even get my hormone levels in the right ranges to even start the IVF stimulations again. My clinic kept denying me a start to IVF because my hormonal levels were way off range.

So I thought I had nothing to loose except a few bucks and digesting some herbal blend in Ovulex. I bought six months worth. Within ONE month....all my levels dropped WAY down to the lower end of the ranges and I was good to go to start my IVF in January !! (I have the data to back up my statements-I always got the metrics on paper from the doctors-my right as a patient)

I did STOP taking the Ovulex the minute I started the stimulation medications because it did not seem logical to me to "confuse" my body with the unknown items in Ovulex....I am chemist, so I did understand what the IVF stimulation medications are all about and their chemical functions because they are clearly spelled out in the literature. Now I have 5 bottles (or 4.5) of Ovulex left, but they stay happily in my fridge. I suppose someone who is a good forensic chemist could analyze Ovulex for its ingredients (yes, what they do on the CSI show for chemical analysis is spot on accurate)....but I no longer have access to a lab. I am sure the profit margins on Ovulex are huge....but hey....this is America and it is free enterprise.....I'm just happy it worked to get me to the IVF starting line!


Amanda Ivey - April 13

;D Hi all I just wanted to post my 18 week ultrasound images as I said I would. We are having a boy.
Ronnie Ray Ivey We are both doing good.




Monica - April 13

WOW AMANDA......CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! A boy huh? That is awesome & the ultrasound pictures are so clear! What a miracle!! I love those 3D/4D pictures also. I know that you are so happy right now. It appears that your baby is sleeping on his stomach.....Is that right?

I remember reading on one of the previous Ovulex boards where you mentioned that you were pretty much giving up on trying to conceive anymore & then you took one last pregnancy test & found out that you were pregnant. The Lord is sooooo good!! :D

Congratulations Again!
Monica :)


Mahogany Heart - April 13

I'm like WOW Amanda as well. That was amazing all that I could understand.


Amanda Ivey - April 14

Thanks you guys for the congratulations, I want you to know that I am still praying for you all to recieve more blessings. I did give up hope, and the next week I felt bad for having no faith left at all for the blessing I had already recieved.



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