Andrea is our First Ovulex Success Story!!! You Go Girl!!!
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Chrystal - March 1

Mahogany Heart,
I keep hearing about this "pledge" and I wanna pledge!
I have been TTC for almost 5 years and have just started Ovulex 2 weeks ago today.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAY FOR ME!

Love and Baby Dust,


carmy_right - March 1

I have been taking ovulex for 2 weeks now and I am experiencing only minor side effects. I have been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years only seriously for the last year. I have PCOS and I am hoping that ovulex is the answer. However, my Dr. is suddenly ready to try the clomid thing and I am scared of clomis. I want a baby terribly! I have a nearly 6 year old and I do not want my children to be much farther apart I had always figured since I got the first one out of one unplanned night that the second would be no trouble. I was so wrong! I am still with the same man and we are just both getting really overwhelmed by the fact that we have to "try"!

Wish you all luck!



carmy_right - March 1

Have there been any other success stories?

I am really thinking I need some success stories to boost my hopes!

Fingers Crossed,



NANCY - March 1


I took ovulex for 2 months and now I have a beautiful little 8 week old girl.

My cousin Charity is due in May with her little girl. She too took Ovulex I beleive for 2 months.

Good luck and Baby Dust to you.



touchoflove - March 5

Hi! This my first time on this post but I have been ttc for along time I do have a 14yr and after him everything been down hill. I did conceive on metformin but I mc back in Feb in Sept I start taking clomid mix with the metformin and nothing happen I have been seeing infetiliy doctor for 2yrs I was dx with pocs. I went to doctor on tuesday and all the doctor could do was talk about losing more wgt and giving me more metformin, so I stop the metformin for a well working on my wgt and taking ovulex with green tea I hope it work for me and I will continue to pray that it works for use all



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