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jenny1010 - February 4

Hi everyone,

I have an embarrassing question that needs to be asked. My husband and I have had numerous IVF failures but have recently got pregnant (three months pregnant). My question is can we have sex? The doctors said yes. But what I am embarrassed about and did not tell the doctor is that my husband is somewhat larger than the average man. I am scared that if we have sex something might happen to our small little fetus. When I say he is large - god did not short change him at all. In total he is probably 14 inches long (my husband would kill me if he knew I mentioned this). Does anyone other woman have this problem? Because he keeps wanting sex and I dont know what to do. Itry satisfying him in other ways but he keeps coming back to sex. Any suggestions? Please help.


jenny1010 - February 8

Can someone help me. Anyone? Please?


jenny1010 - February 8

Can someone help me. Anyone? Please?


June_First_2006 - February 8

Maybe you should try taking over things by being on top, that way YOU know how far is too much and what's comfortable 2 u. If that doesn't work, you may have to lay off the vaginal sex until the little one is here.


liz - February 9

As embarrasing as it may be may be to you maybe you should talk to over with your doctor. It would probably make you feel better having their opinion.

I know with me my doctors did not want me to have sex for the first 12 weeks. At 12 weeks they released me to have sex as I was able. Not sure what exactly the 12 weeks mark did except the end of the first trimester and the most critical part of any pregnany.

Good luck


lili246 - February 9

Liz is right you need to talk to you doctor about it. When I got pregnant the doctor told me not to have sex for the first 3 months, which are the more chances of a m/c. So just to be sure talk to your doctor and confirm we are right. You don't want to hurt your fetus and then regret from it.
I wish you the best of luck and let us know what you find out!



jenny1010 - February 10

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for the responces!!! Just about two hours ago he was crying for more. I denied him. He finally fell asleep and I was able to sneak away to the computer. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant. Ladies, I don't mean to be rude, but when you reached your safe point, how often did you have sex? two times a day? once a day? once every other day? I'm just curios because I am so embarrased to ask my doctor. Also, he is very big. Are your husbands average? Anyway I am leaning towards shutting him down. I hope he doesnt start looking at other ladies. Thanks for your advice


June_First_2006 - February 10

What both of you are saying is so true, but I know when I brought up certain questions the docs gave me
the same answer they would give to any of their other patient. Then what??? She may just have to take matters into her own hands, cause docs try to treat situations as every other case. That's what happened to me, now look. Sometimes you have to go by your gut instincts. Medical science don't know everything.


juliam - February 13


My doctor told me it is safe to have sex 3 days (!) after IVF transfer for as much and as long as you like. We never changed our routine - about 3 times a week and I am now 12 week pregnant with no complications at all. Hope this helps.


carriek - February 24

Hi Jenny1010!

I'm sorry if I get too graphic- but here goes...
I'm not PG yet, but I am in the similar boat with DH size, though maybe not on that large of scale!! :)
You should be far enough along that sex is not a problem. Your dr. said that it is OK.
Don't let fear of your DH size be the deciding factor - he can only fit so much in, right?
It HAS to be ALL ABOUT YOU. If your DH is willing to let you control everything from depth of penetration to speed, go for it! Just make sure YOU are not experiencing any discomfort (i.e., he is ramming your cervix) and take it SLOW!
Besides, I have heard orgasms during pregnancy can be insane! :D

Good Luck and Congrats!


jenny1010 - February 27

Hi Carrie,

Thanks for the response. I'm not having as much sex with him as he wants. I'm keeping him happy in other ways (because I caught him playing with himself). I was shocked to see him doing that (but it was somewhat of a turn on). Do most men do that when they dont get sex? The horn dog wants more tonight. I told him to use his right hand. At this point, I dont really care anymore.


jenny1010 - March 16

That horn dog bastard husband of mine wanted some more tonight. I gave it to him and after we were done five minutes later he wanted more. Do woman get turned on by the size of their husbands? It use to be a turn on for me when we first met. Now I am telling him he should get a reduction from 14 inches to 4 inches. I think 4 inches is the average size? is it? If this conitnues, I will have to stay at my mother house until I gie birth!! Do you blame me? Ladies, lets get together and boycott our husbands. I call for a nation wide band on sex with men. Now I understand why woman date each other. Since they are the same sex they uderstand each other better!!



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