14 Years of TTC The End!!! Thank You Lord!!!
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Mahogany Heart - October 4


LETS START FROM bc (BEFORE CYCLE) August 29, 2006 I posted this:

Catch The Supernatural Baby Dust!!!
« on: 08/29/06, 13:29 »

And I received three posts including the one I sent, saying: I'm going to catch mines.

Shara replied and said: This is your month MH - you know the Sisterhood is routing for you!!!!

AND then grandmaof2 replied and said: Thank you for the baby dust
Good luck Shara with your little angle
I hope this is your month Mahogany

Best wishes and good health

As I sit here and think on these things I begin to Thank the Lord for his WORD!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOUR FAITH IS I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR FAITH BUT MY OWN!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Now at that moment after reading the replies it came to me what THE WORD SAYS:

Matthew 18:18
Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Matthew 18:19
Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

Matthew 18:20
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.



August 30, 2006 for me was cd 1 first time ever starting a 31 cycle day. I was shocked and amazed and I questioned what was going on. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

I have a date book and I write ever thing in it concerning my TTC.

CD-3 I was schedule to take Clomid 100mg for five days cd 3-7 and I did. The beginning of my cycle I decided to start back the Prenatal and a extra Folic Acid. So I begin to take those again starting CD 6 fourth day of Clomid. I had the Geen Tea schedule for CD 10 but I decided to start on CD 7. I begin to drink store brought in the day and Lipton Decaf Green Tea at night. I drink the Green Tea from CD 7 until CD 16.


Mahogany Heart - October 4

I begin to notice some discomfort in my cycle and I always write it down so I can cross reference it later.

With all this planning I didn't expect the ultimate problem and that was DH. I planned this cycle to the tee and DH got a assignment from his job to Panama City.

At this point I was upset and talking to my Sisters from the SisterHood they all assured me Dh is not going to miss OV. Some even promise that he wouldn't miss it could you believe that?

I listen to them but still very upset and I'm yelling at Dh telling how much money we spent on this cycle and he is going to miss it. I knew he was going to miss it. The Sisters and Dh was all in agreement that he will be here in time.

I'm now on CD 10 and I'm still drinking the green tea. I ordered my preseed and brought the LH sticks.

I started testing OPK CD 10 through out CD 17.

I really took my Sisters on a emotional rollercoaster this cycle. I told my sisters this: Date Posted: 09/13/2006 10:29 AM CD 15

Check this out. I brought my LH sticks last Friday and it was 7 of them in there. The paper told me don't test until cd 14 but you know me had to check the first day I got them. The paper states that after you test positive you will ov in the next 24 to 36 hours. Anyway Friday -, Saturday -, Sunday -, Monday -, Tuesday -, and today Wednesday +. Wow my LH stick read Posititve this morning at 5:30 am. We BD last night and now he is gone. I was so happy when the stick read + until I had to tell someone but I couldn't call any of you that early. Trust me I have some of your phone numbers. The sad thing about it is sperm last in your system in good quality mucous for 72 hours. I did use the pre-seed. I also had a orgasm so not too sure about that. Some say don't have one and others say have one so I'm a little confused. DH said he won't be in until Saturday. I hope and pray we don't miss this cycle. Prometruim starts back tomorrow.


I need you all to pray for me that this cycle be the one. Agree with me in prayer that the sperm last the entire 72 hours and that DH gets home before the 72 hours expires


Mahogany Heart - October 4

So I tested again the next day and two more days after and it said negative. I was like wow. Now my breast been hurting for a long time now. I started the Prometrium CD 16 and some of you know how much I love that pill.

CD 19 I was a dizzy
CD 20 I had my first Doctor's appointment with The RE which this Infertility Center Ranks 8 in the World. I enjoyed this appointment.

I was so happy when I came from the doctor I told my sisters:


My Doctor's Appointment was nice. I go back on cd 3. DH has to do a semen anaysis as soon as he can get in town. I'm telling you seeing this Infertility Specialist put my infertility in perspective for me. I'm feeling more comfortable. Now they have a board of pictures and I'm telling you it is more multi births then single births on that wall. DH could not make it and I felt so lonely every one else husband or mate was with them. Other then that I'm feeling so good To God Be The Glory. I can't wait until cd 3. He told me if my cycle don't come on he still want me to come in for an ultrasound.
I enjoyed it so much until I missed that he wanted me to have surgery. How in the world did I miss that.

I would have surgery CD 12 the next cycle. The nurse wouldn't schedule me for surgery until after I talk to the Doctor again because she said she didn't feel comfortable scheduling me for surgery if I wasn't aware of it. She told me she would have him call me tomorrow.

I was really going through it until I told my sisters this:

Well Sisters,

I thought I understood everything that Dr. Duffy was telling me on Monday so how in the WORLD DID I MISS SURGERY? I got a call from the Surgery Coordinator Lisa Marie Freudenvoll telling me that Dr. Duffy wants me to have surgery CD 12. Some how that bypass my ears and mind. Other than that I'm dealing with rather or not I want to continue this journey of ttc. I don't want to go through surgery again. I'm going to talk to him today, yesterday he was in Daytona and Lisa said she did not want to schedule me for SURGERY if I wasn't aware of it. Sad very sad!!! Why can't I be normal like fertiles are.



Mahogany Heart - October 4

I got the call and I told him just like this. Dr. Duffy now I know I did not hear you say anything about CD 12 becasue I would have remember that. I remember you telling me about Blood work on CD 3. The he said you know I didn't mention anything about CD 12 but I told you that there is only two ways I can get an understanding of what is going on and that is to do a Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy.

I had that done with the ectopic and I DID NOT want to go through that. He even told me "Valencia I'm going to be honest with you I really think your tubes are block." I said don't you say that my tubes are not blocked. I will not receive that.

At this point I'm on CD 22 still taking My Prometrium and Prenatal with an extra folic acid.

The sister got on me and started telling me what I been telling them. You got to do what you need to do to bring your miracle to life. WOW.

I had finally decided to have the surgery and I told my sisters this:

As I started this reply Lisa Marie called about surgery. I told her ok the day I thought they would do it she said it will be on a tuesday. She said Oct 17 but she thinks that is too long. Not sure if I will be online as much I need to get my mind right for this. Wow tears are falling down my eyes. Could imagine if I'm falling apart now over a call about it how do you think I will act then. This is so emotional for me. I'm not sure why I can't just be like a normal woman.

the sisters got on me again.

I was going through it but they were there for me. I even told them this: Thank you so much. When I read your replies tears begin to roll down my eyes. I'm telling you this is a very emotional for me. I trust the Lord and I know he will see me through.


Surgery has been schedule for 11:45am and I'm ready. Well by then I will be ready. I'm going to take the next few days and meditate. I need to prepare myself for this big day. I know the Lord got my back. He loves me and he wants me to multiply and I know I will. Thank you for all the support. I love you all. I may not post for the next following weeks but its not because I'm have went mia its because I'm seeking God like never before for strength. I Love you all but this is taking a toll on me. Just the thought of surgery burdens me and the word says:

John 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

I believe in the Lord with all my heart and I know he will keep me from hurt, harm and danger.

John 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

this was going on CD 24.


Mahogany Heart - October 4

I was feeling so good at this point I got my Real Estate information back and I told my sisters this: Date Posted: 09/23/2006 9:23 PM

Sisters, Sisters, Sisters:

Oh my God I can't believe it . Yes I can. When God is in the plan nothing can go wrong. Read this

Real Estate Broker or Sales Request SL Exam Approved 08/03/2006

TO GOD BE THE GLORY. NOW ALL I HAVE TO DO IS STUDY MY BUTT OFF NOW. Now all I need is my baby to go alone with this blessing. Well ladies I will be taking my test 30 days from when I received the letter. I checked online. I should get something in the mail Monday. Thank you Jesus. I love you Lord. My life is going to get better for the good. I'm so happy.

Then all of a sudden Fear came in and I told my sisters: Date Posted: 09/27/2006 9:29 AM CD 29

Well Sisters,
I was so ready for surgery until I got the reminder in the mail telling me what all I need to eat and drink prior to surgery and a cloud of fear came over me so strong. I thought I had passed that point. Why can't I already be pregnant and its in the right place you know my uterus that way I dont' have to go through this surgery. Today is the last day for Prometruim. I should be on my cycle Saturday or Sunday.

telling you my mind was making me think I was pregnant at this point and I'm on CD 29. I told my sisters: 09/27/2006 11:36 PM CD 29

Well Sisters,

I have been craving for some watermelon and mango for about two days now and I finally got it. DH cut the watermelon for me and brought it to me. I was happy I was eating it well I got up to do something and threw it all up right in the clothes basket. I was like DH in a calm voice. He came and saw it and told me to wrap it up and take it too the laundry room. He would not touch it. My mind is really playing tricks on me knowing I'm not expecting. I ask him do you think I'm pregnant he said the watermelon isn't any good. Good night to sleepy. I wish my breast would stop hurting but they will as soon as I come on my cycle. I took my last prometruim tonight.

Love and Hugs
_________________________ >


Mahogany Heart - October 4

CD 30 came and nothing
CD 31 came and nothing
CD 32 came and nothing
CD 33 came and nothing

Even though nothing was going on I'm still telling DH something is strange and my breast was killing me.

Now here is CD 34 and I told my sisters this: Date Posted: 10/02/2006 9:16 AM CD 34

Sisters as you all see I'm in cd 34. Talk to the nurse and she wants me to test if positive they want me in before 10:00am for blood work in the morning. If negative I need to call and they will go from there. My breast are hurting like someone stuck pins in them and punched them. No cramps or anything, now sometime I will feel a little discomfort but not like it was when I was pregnant with the ectopic. Other then that went to Georgia with DH this weekend and that was ok. He had to work and I stayed in the hotel. I'm going to have to call him and tell him what the Nurse said and see if he can pick up me a pregnancy test on his way home. Wow that sound cute. Today was suppose to be cd 3 like one ticker says and I suppose to be going in for PCOS panel and ultrasound. Love you all and Supernatural Baby Dust to us who are still ttc and before careful and sweet mommies to be.


is how we got to this BFP!!! Blood Levels are normal and must have more blood work on Thursday..




Mahogany Heart - October 4

Thank You Shared Journey!!!


Les23 - October 4

You have gone through so much. I am so proud of you and the strength you have. It is quite an adventure. There are times when you want to just give up and then you snap out of it. I feel like a better person just from knowing you and your faith.
I love God but sometimes I think that I do not appreciate him as much as I need to. I think you are a blessing to everyone on this board.
Now that you are pregnant you still have to tell us everything you are going through. We all love you.


Ange - October 4

Oh MH! You bring tears to my eyes. I have been ttc for 14 years now I still believe even though doctors told me that I have a 3% chance of concieving. I am so happy for you and loved that you shared your journey with all of us. You are what brought me to this web site when I was searching for other ways to ttc I ran across ovulex but Unfortunately I can't take them cause I have hypothyriodism and I take synthroid so doctors advise me not too. I have done 4 IUI with clomid and all resulted bfn. I had a hysterosapinogram 7 years ago and found out my left tube was blocked. I had a laporoscopy soon after to fix the blocked tube but it got infected and exactly one year later they had to do an emergency surgery to remove it with my ovary. Since then I have just been believing it will happen when my child is ready to come to me. But lately I want to try again I feel like now I don't have much time. I don't want to do IVF yet so now my thoughts are going herbal. I went to a chinese herbolist doctor and she said I have a fire in my belly and gave me some herbs to make tea with for the next 6 days that won't interfere with my medication. She also treated my husband. When I go back she will examine me again and we will go from there. I just got to say it tasted real bad I mean real bad. My dh is very supportive he would do anything to ttc with me.
You are very strong to endure all these hardships over the years. Plus you keep everyone postive around you. I've seen so many posts of ladies going through hard times and you helped them and alot of them concieved. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful blessing you have inside you. Please keep me posted!


cov1929 - October 5

OMG what a story. If there is anyone who deserves this its you MH. Am truely happy for you!!! Thank you for sharing your journey. If something this great can happen to you gives us all hope that next it can be any one of us. May God Bless you and your baby!


Mahogany Heart - October 6

Les, Ange and Cov1929:

Thank you so much. Everything is going well. It haven't hit me as of yet but I'm sure it will next Friday.


Trina76 - November 22

What a blessing, God is Good.....I'm sitting here thinking, do I want to get back on the rollercoaster or not. You are a major inspiration and for that I thank you.. I pray you will be blessed with a happy, healthy, and blissful pregnancy. A speedy and painless delivery, and excellent parenting skills......God Bless.......Trina


Mahogany Heart - November 22


Thank you so much!! To God Be the Glory!!!
This journey was something else for me and I'm telling you I didn't lose Faith. It would be times when I would take a break from it but I would get back on track. I'm three months today and it really don't seem like it. It really haven't hit me yet. Not sure what is going on. I thank God every day even though. Some of the Sisters tell me when my stomach starting showing it will be different. The nausea is a turn off but I hanging on in here.

When all fails you can depend on the Lord. Trina I was scared to have that surgery and I went before the Lord in Prayer. He made it alright. He will not put nothing on you that you can't handle and I really wasn't able and would not be able to do the surgery. I know the Lord did not give me the spirit of fear but I just didn't want to go through what I have already been through.

Keep the Faith and trust in him. You will get your BFP. If he did it for me he will do it for you. Feel free to email me at anytime. Where are you on your ttc journey?



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