Warning on non-payment
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cicily - March 21

Back in February I listed 18 boxes of Bravelle that I was selling for $20 a piece. That is what it cost me thru my insurance. I agreed to sell 12 boxes to a lady from this forum and send it C.O.D. I would like to warn anyone who is selling meds to be careful. The post office made a mistake and didn't realize that it was a C.O.D. package and didn't collect the money. The lady was not honest and forthcoming and just accepted the package without saying anything. I would think that we would look out for each other, as we all have so much in common. The desire for a family and a struggle to obtain it. Anyways, please be careful when agreeing to sell your left over meds. I was a lucky one who had insurance pick up a large portion of my cost. I was just trying to pass that good fortune on. Good Luck to everyone.


momma04 - March 21

That is awful! I am so so sorry that you had to deal with that! Have you tried contacting the lady!



cicily - March 21

I have tried to contact her. All I have is an email address and she won't reply to me. I just hope no one else is taken advantage of.


Red7 - March 21

Iam sorry to here about the 18 boxes of Bravelle, You must have her name and address because you sent her the package of Bravelle to her. I would send this information to the Post Office. Here is the address and the name of the person you can contact about this :send to Constance M Beatty-Griffith, Money Order Branch,Accounting Service Center , PO, BOX, 82453, ST ,Louis, MO,63182-2453 Ask what can be done about getting your money back.I hope this helps REd7


refinnej - March 21

Wow that is quite disgusting actually! I wouldn't want the bad karma! I could not imagine not paying for something as special as this. Some people are just weird. Sorry you had to go through that. Did you report her log in name to the admin? get her kicked off!


alikat2222 - March 24

You should post her handle that she uses here so none of us will be taken in unknowingly! That's so horrible... someone taking advantage of people that are already struggling so much financially and emotionally. :(



Sbernardrnc - March 25

That absolutely infuriates me, I have scrounged to come up with money time and time a gain, I also responded to the ad and it was already sold, karma has a funny kick in the a** for people like her, but I do hope her cycle was successful, due to the fact she'll be thrown off here, and no one else will ever sell to her again. I commend you for your generous nature, maybe a few more failed cycles will open her eyes to taking advantage of someones good nature, and stealing.
Can you hear the devel and angels sitting on my shoulder, compassion vs. flogging LOL


cicily - March 26

I don't know what her handle is here on this forum. I was contacted by email only. After posting this topic on here, she finally emailed me back and has agreed to pay the COD charge. Just be careful about sending items COD, especially thru the post office. They are not as strict as their policy shows on collection. Thank you to everyone who has given support on this subject.



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