Very First IUI
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JenniferS - May 7

OK, we just had our very first IUI about 2 1/2 hours ago. Is it too early to go buy a pg test? :P I am just a couple of days new to the board, but I feel so good after I read all the positive thoughts on here!

I am wondering if our experience is unusual in any way:
After the horrible experience of the HSG test, I was really nervous for today. The doctor @the HSG AND the N.P. that did my IUI asked if I'd ever had any cervical procedures. The Dr. didn't even get past the cervix during the HSG; he stopped b/c I was yelling in pain. Then today the N.P. had to insert & reinsert the speculum(@$%*), & use a really small catheter. She said she was having trouble threading the catheter b/c the opening wa so small. She said she wasn't sure if there was a block or what. BUT, everything got where it needed to go & she said there wasn't any "leaking" (gross, btw). I'm just wondering if anyone has had a successful PG after such a weird IUI. I wore my new Happy Insemination pink shoes & shirt to the Dr. this morning.......

Thanks, everybody, for making this such a comforting place to come to! Baby dust all around!


ElizabethS - May 7

Jennifer - good luck with the 2ww. I am glad that everything eventually got where it needed to go. ;) All of our bodies are different, and I wouldn't worry too much about the initial difficulty.

as far as early testing....I wouldn't recommend it. I tested too early and got a negative. I was depressed all day, only to find out five days later that we were pregnant.

This is the hardest part. Come here anytime to chat and ask for support.


Fortyfour - May 8

Good luck JenniferS - Baby dust to you.


kiki - May 13

Good luck Jennifer!!! I'll keep you in my prayers too!
I got a positive from my 1st IUI, I didn't even feel anything except for the speculum- so I guess it's just the difference in our bodies. I wouldn't be too concerned with the pain- they say it's pretty normal especially if they assured you everything got to where it was supposed to. PLUS you had on your pink shoes & shirt & that is bound to help you stay positive!! ;)

The 2WW is the longest- but just hang in there & it'll be over before you know it. Are you having any different feelings in your pelvic region after the IUI?

Let us know what you find out & oceans of baby dust your way!!



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