valium during implantation?
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paige - April 15

Hi I am on my third invitro cycle and I was told that taking valium on the day of implantation and two days after is great to keep you calm. I know of one person that got pregnant that way. What I want to know is how often and how many are you supposed to take?


cassandra - April 15

Paige, I don't think that valium will get you pregnant. It will relax you though! The day of my transfer and the day after I took percocet because of bad pains I was having, then went back to work on the 3rd day pain free. I am lucky to have a positive this month but I don't attribute it to percocet. Good luck! cassandra


paige - April 15

Hi cassandra I'm happy for you. I was asking about the valium because I stress too much. I know it won't get me pregnant but help in relaxing me so I can. Have you heard of anyone that took it?


cassandra - April 15

Sorry Paige, I probably won't be much help. I only know one other girl personally who went through IVF and she didn't take it. The dr. gave me one to relax Before the transfer. That's it. If your'e worried about relaxing maybe take the day or two after transfer off and force yourself to watch TV or read an entire book? Sorry about the lame advice. Ask your dr. They gave me percocet for pain saying it won't harm the embryo. I pretty much just slept the day away.Good luck...cassandra


Fortyfour - April 16

Paige , I believe that we will get pg nervous or not. If stress stopped pregancies, no babies would be here.

Tylenol helped me relax and my doc said ok to taking it.

Keep in touch with during you cycle and see if that helps your stress. talking to the ladies helps mine. Take care.


paige - April 18

thanks Casssandra for your advice. I am trying everything but the last two trys all I did was think about everything that could go wrong. I just can't go through another depression so if valium will take my mid off it I want to do it but be smart about it! I am trying to be positive but it is so hard!


paige - April 18

Hi fourtyfour thanks for the advice. I don't have much luck with anything that doesn't really calm me down. The last two cycles I stressed out so much I don't think it would have worked no matter what that's why I want to try something different. I have one week left and I am doing everything I can to make this happen so I guess I feel whatever I can try different that will help stress might work for me. Lets hope!!!! Thank you


paige - April 19

Hi if anyone is interested I found out about Valium and implantation. What it does the dosage to take it at and how long you should take it before hurting the embryo.


Fortyfour - April 20

Good luck with this cycle. When do you test?


paige - April 20

I get implanted on the 27th of this month and test May9th. This is my last one so I really hope it works thanks.


jenno - April 20

Hello. I'm new here but not new to this process. We just did our 8th transfer over seven years. I didn't take anything to relax (probably would have if it was offered!), but I took two days off of work and have been a couch potato. Being away from work has surely reduced my stress level!



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