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WantsBaby2 - June 8

Sorry about your delay. What a bummer. At least it's only a week....could be worse I guess. Please try not to worry, I know it's soooo hard not to. There is always so darn much worry in this process! Ugh! I am praying for you that this will turn itself around with the bcp. Is that supposed to take care of the cyst?

Thank you for your kind words. We actually live 40 miles west of the city but do make it downtown every now and then. We are planning to go this Saturday for DH's birthday and go to navy pier for the afternoon and then out to dinner. Should be a good day. Where are you from?

44, I too am scared of negative results. It has to be a total letdown to go through all of this just for another stupid negative. Baby dust to you. You will be in my prayers too.



meridithhasfaith - June 8

Yes, supposedly they use bcp in the first place to lessen the chance of a woman developing cysts. Like I posted to the good doctor upstairs, I am 0 for 2 in that dept. as I had a cyst with my 1st cycle as well. My gut tells me it is because of the bcp but what do I know? I just have to roll with the punches and wait for Tuesday.
The other news for me today is that I got my big box of meds. I went through all of the stuff, it looks to be all there. I was a little worried about getting them if this cycle is delayed any longer but all of the expir. dates say a year from now so, WHEW!
I don't know if I mentioned this before but DS gets out of school the end of next week and there are TONS of things going on in the meantime. I think this delay will let me get though it all before the real monitoring begins. I believe things happen for a reason.

So, are you still coasting on bcp? Is it getting any easier for you now that you have more than a month under your belt? I have heard it gets better but it's hard for me to imagine that. lol I hate them

Talk soon


bethann - June 9

wantsbaby2, I'm from Richmond, VA. But my sister lives in Champagne so I have a bit of a connection to the midwest! I've travelled to Chicago on business about 3 times and I've loved each visit! It's sooo metropolitan (especially compared to my fine city) and the fashion sense is wonderful and the music extraordinary! I can't say enough good things about Chicago. But I know it is COLD in the winter. As my sister says, women wear fur not because they are politically incorrect but out of necessity. No desire for a political conversation so I'll hold my opinion on that!
Anyway, it's a great town. You have lot's of cultural highlights to share with new babies! Your museums are fabulous too.
Take care!


whynotme - June 9

Hey ladies!

I had my baseline b/w & u/s yesterday and got the green light to start the stims!!!!!! My tests came back with exactly what they wanted to see and my ovaries looked good. Whew - what a relief!

So I did my first Gonal-F & Repronex shot last night and it wasn't that bad. I thought I was going to get throuh this easily until I went to roll over in bed last night (which I do alot b/c I have terrible night sweats from the low estrogen :P) and buckled over in pain! My stomach muscle is sooooo sore on teh side I did the shot. There's no bruising, but boy is it sore. I can see how this could get very painful quick!

Anyway, just wanted to update you all. I go for b/w again on Saturday.

Take care!



meridithhasfaith - June 9

Hi Linda

Congratulations on starting stims! I have a question about your medication. Is it Sub-Q injections or intramuscular? If it's sub-q, you might be injecting in the wrong spot if your tummy muscle is hurting. It could also be you did the shot in the right place but aren't really hurting in the muscle but the skin around the injection site. Just thought I would mention it. Good luck to you, this board is jumping with BFP!



whynotme - June 10

Thanks Meridith,

I'm doing them within 2-3 inches on either side of my belly button. I'm going to try a little further away than I have been. I'm also very slim around the waist and don't have much to pinch. The lupron obviously worked so I'd rather suffer through than have to move to the arms or thighs. I heard the belly is the best location.

I did the 2nd one last night and still no bruising. We'll see how the next couple go.

I was all upset last night b/c I have the 450 IU bottles of Gonal-F which I took 300 IU's out of the first night for my shot (my husband confirmed with me) but when I went to do my shot last night I got ~250 IU's out of that same bottle ??? Did I screw something up??? I'm now afraid that I didn't get the right dosage somehow. I'm going to call my nurse today, but has anyone else had this happen?

Here's hpping I didn't mess it up ::)



meridithhasfaith - June 10

Hi Linda

Glad you are doing ok with the shot location. As far as the possible dosage mix-up, it's a good thing you are calling the nurse. It might just be something simple and you will be relieved. If not, where it was only one time and so early in the game, I'm willing to bet it's all fine! (I don't know about the 450 Gonal-F specifically, so I am only guessing)

Good luck and let us know what the nurse says.



SMS1129 - June 11


That is great about starting your stim meds!! I can tell you my headaches from the Lupron have gone away since I started the stims. I am on cycle day 9 and my estrogen was 1215 this morning. Other than feeling bloated and having to pee a lot, I feel fine. I have 35 follicles (!!!) of which 15 or so are growing. They range from 11-13 mm's now, so I am going in daily for tests until the retrieval. I really hope it works!!

Keep us posted on your progress!!




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