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Fortyfour - May 4

I am glad your test turned out well. Good luck with your cycle.


meridithhasfaith - May 4

Thanks, 44.

No news from your donor yet?



WantsBaby2 - May 5

Yeah! No fibroids! That is not a surgery you want to do! I had 2 removed last summer. Not so much fun. I just hope and pray they haven't returned. My doc tells me not to worry about I try not to. I am sooo glad your test went well for you. One less thing to worry about.

Your friend sounds like a lot of fun. I work with a bunch of men photographers (I am a portrait photographer myself) and they are some of the most fun people to ever be around. I go into work and I am instantly cheered up!

This next cycle coming up I will have to work since we are heading into our super busy season (photographing all of the 2006 high school senior portraits) I took time off work the last time we attemped IVF and all I did was sit home and cry. Yes....I was a horrible basket case! This time I am hoping that working will really keep me in check. (Either that or I will be in the back room crying all the time! ??? ) Yikes!

44, let us know when you find anything out. It would be nice for you and Meridith and I to be going through this together!

Lynne, Counting down eh? I hope, I so hope this is the month for you. I will be jumping up and down for joy if you are! Hang in there girl.

Take care all, Wantsbaby2


meridithhasfaith - May 5

Hi Wantsbaby2

Thank you for your kind words and your support. I really appreciate it.
So you will be nice and distracted for the cycle, that's a good idea. What's the latest with you now?

Yes, 44, I hope you hear something soon!

Good luck, Lynne!



meridithhasfaith - May 6

Hi Ladies
I will be starting bcp with this cycle that starts in about 2 weeks. That way, I will be all set to go when we see the RE June 3rd. I also got all my test results. I don't know what a lot of them mean. I think one of them is high :-\ The estrodiol (sp) seems high compared to what I have seen online. My FSH is good for my age, I guess. I am 36 yrs. and FSH is 6.94. One site I went to said anything under 9 one could expect excellent ovarian response to stims. Another one said under 10. So, I feel good about that one. The estradiol was 125 and the highest normal reading I could find was 75. Anyone know what that's about?
Maybe I will post it upstairs to the doc if no one seems to know. Thanks and take care, everyone!



Fortyfour - May 8

My donor said yes and now we begin with the testing for her and the paperwork. Hopefully a June transfer. Thanks for asking everyone.

Meridithhas faith. I dont know about the estrodial levels but I know about the FSH . Mine was 13 at 39 years old. Not good. Take care and baby dust to you.


meridithhasfaith - June 2

Hi everyone

I went to the RE yesterday, also DH's Urologist. Dh did have sperm in each sample. (Yay) Not a lot but enough for ICSI. RE said all of my blood work is ok and we are all set to go in a cycle! He did reiterate that I will do an Antagon cycle instead of Lupron this time around. He also prefers Gonal-F and Repronex for medications. So....if all goes well, I should start stims by the end of next week. I will get a calendar from the coordinator either Friday or Monday so I will know for sure what day is what.
Does anyone know how long it is for a baseline check after stopping bcp? I haven't stopped those yet, they will tell me tomorrow or Monday when to stop them. I just don't know the timeline of the baseline after that.

I am very excited to finally be able to get started on things. And even more excited to be able to stop these darned bcp!

Wantsbaby2, 44, Karen and Sylvie and anyone else who is gearing up...what are your updates?



sblanton2 - June 2

I am getting my Bachelor's degree in Management with a minor in Business admin. By the time I graduate next spring I will have completed four years in 2 1/2. The biggest thing is making sure you go to a good school. Some of those ones advertised the degree would not be worth the paper it is written on. I served four years in the military and so I have the GI Bill paying for my school, my tuition is 1350.00 every 2 months and I get receive 1000.00 a month. So I pocket roughly 750.00 every two months. It can be hard, I seriously considered taking the summer off school to concentrate on the infertility but thought it would be better to have something to do to take my mind off every once in awhile. The biggest thing is getting into a good routine with the classes, and sticking to your schedule.
Thank goodness our IVF isn't going to be as expensive either, and that you all are here so I can learn before I go. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.



sblanton2 - June 3

I believe it will be you next year, you have been through so much. I will be saying an added prayer for you when you tell us it is your time for the embryo transfer. I think I finally get it now that I am older and I know you will be a good and patient mom. Take Care and don't let the financial aspect weigh you down....I believe it will happen for you.

Babydust...lots of it,


SMS1129 - June 3

Linda and Meredith,

I was on bcp's for 3 weeks and am doing Lupron now (10 days so far) and the dull, but annoying headaches started about 3 days ago. Aghh... I take Tylenol daily, as well as baby aspirin. I go for my baseline on 6/4 and start the Gonal F and low dose hcg that night (hopefully). That should last 8-10 days until retrieval can be done. Looks like mid-June.

What is Repronex? I hear people talking about that one.

Good luck and keep in touch with this cycle.



bethann - June 5

Thanks Meridith. I absolutely agree and have decided to have the FSH test done next cycle. Unexplained IF is terribly frustrating. It could be my eggs, could be CM, could be bad timing, it could be tubes that are open but don't work. Who knows! My uteris is normal but who knows if there is endo there and I won't have the lap. So, I'll check out my egg quality. If it is good, then maybe a couple of more IUIs and then adoption. We're already looking at China and my dh, who is incredible, says he wants to do whatever I want. He's along for the ride. He just wants me to be happy and have what I want. Isn't that amazing? My first husband was horrid and I would have never had a baby with him. I finally found the man of my dreams and I may be too old (reproductively speaking!) to get pg. But I feel so lucky to have a fabulous dh!

I love the idea of a baby regardless of adopted or natural. So I really don't want to disturb the "just in case" fund!
Thank you so much for your support. I'm waiting anxiously for you to get your +++++ and I know you will! It worked once and it will work this time too!!


WantsBaby2 - June 7

Thanks Meg! What is going on with you lately?


bethann - June 8

Meridith, I am sooo excited for you. I've been out of town on business a couple of days but back and getting up to speed on all my friends. I'm sorry about the cyst but since you said you also had one with your son, no worries! Those bcp days will go by before you know it. Don't all days! Although they don't always feel that way.

44 - i'm so routing for you and praying everything goes ok with your donor. I just know we'll be getting ++++ around here. I can feel it!

Thanks to everyone for your positive, wonderful thoughts.



bethann - June 8

wantsbaby2 - i just wanted to also say thanks to you too. I'm watching your progress and know you too will be holding a baby soon. by the way, i notice you are from chicago.....FABULOUS town. One of my favorites! I have wonderful memories from every visit I've made to your city!


meridithhasfaith - June 8

Hi Bethann

Thanks for the kind words. I was a little worried about what is causing the cysts but I guess it isn't the bcp I am on so the delay wont be so bad. Thanks again. :)



WantsBaby2 - June 8

Sorry about your delay. What a bummer. At least it's only a week....could be worse I guess. Please try not to worry, I know it's soooo hard not to. There is always so darn much worry in this process! Ugh! I am praying for you that this will turn itself around with the bcp. Is that supposed to take care of the cyst?

Thank you for your kind words. We actually live 40 miles west of the city but do make it downtown every now and then. We are planning to go this Saturday for DH's birthday and go to navy pier for the afternoon and then out to dinner. Should be a good day. Where are you from?

44, I too am scared of negative results. It has to be a total letdown to go through all of this just for another stupid negative. Baby dust to you. You will be in my prayers too.




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