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meridithhasfaith - April 21

That must be a little scary not knowing exactly what's going to happen yet. I hope you get those results soon. My sister had an abnormal pap and had a piece of the cervix taken out and it turned out to be fine. I hope that is the case with you too so you can start the IVF!

We have just done the outside of the house so far. Painting, digging new flower and plant beds, planting shrubs and trees. We have a beautiful flower bed by the border of our property in front that people always stop to admire. We tried to fill it with unusual plants. Some with color, some with green only. Our next project (well, mostly dh's) is to create a new walkway in front. We have this ugly straight across textured brick thing...but that's coming out and from the company dh works for, we got our hands on the original cobblestones that Boston streets used to be made from. My dh is a certified arborist and he works for a company that has many contracts in Boston. When a company dug up the cobblestones, he gave piles and piles to dh's company so he was able to obtain some for our walkway. They actually have grooves in them from wagon wheels! Very cool. So we hope to lay those this summer but our retaining wall out back is beginning to slide so that may be more important. It all depends on time and weather, I guess.
It's good that the inside of your house is updated, at least you don't have to worry about that!
As far as ttc, I went for my day 21 bw yesterday but I don't expect to know the results from that or any of my tests until June 7.
Hope you have a great day!



TTC in SoCal - April 21

wantsbaby2.... I'm so sorry to hear about an abormal pap. Stay positive... hopefully, it is nothing to worry about and if it is... bring the worry here and we'll do our best to help you handle it. Hang in there... good things are coming your way.
many hugs coming your way.



WantsBaby2 - April 22

Thanks ladies,
You never cease to amaze me with your kindness. We are so lucky we all found each other.

Trish, what is going on with you lately? I know you mentioned some tests too. Have they found out anything new or helpful?

Meridith, I am glad everything turned out to be ok with your sis. It's a little scary.
Those cobblestones sound amazing! I am jealous. I love things with a history. I think it makes things much more interesting. My house is filled with antiques that mostly belonged to grandparents. My whole living/dining room is filled with furniture that they bought when they got married in 1925. None of the other grandchildren wanted it, but I love it. It is beautiful! Even though my grandparents have been gone for years, the things I have in my house remind me of them.

Have a great day ladies! Wantsbaby2


TTC in SoCal - April 22

wantsbaby2.... thanks for asking.
I am in the middle of my cycle during which they are giving me estrogen (taken vaginally... yuck!!) for the first 14 days and then progesterone (injections and vaginal suppositories). apparently, they are trying to simulate a normal cycle (not sure why they are doing it that way as my cycles have been very normal... but...) then they do an endometrial biopsy to make sure the lining is 'sticky'... (has the right proteins, etc. to help implantation)
We just had blood drawn for genetic testing. They stuck me twice... once in the hand and moved the needle around under the skin (ouch!!) and then found a vein in the arm (deep veins!!)
I just learned my maternal grandmother is very ill and in the hospital. she apparently doesn't recognize anyone. I am 3000 miles away. If i go home now, i ruin this cycle for testing... if i wait until after this cycle, i could be going home for a funeral instead. With my mother gone and now her mother.... it makes me so sad. damn hormones!!!
ok... enough whining. i can't wait until we can try to get pregnant again!!
oh.... you love old things.... i just brought to calfornia with me a sewing machine i inherited from my maternal grandfather. it was his grandmother's old sewing machine... in the cabinet. i'm guessing it was made around 1900. i even found old needle containers (made of wood). it's very cool. my maternal grandmother gave me a vase she gave to her mother in 1936 (she had written on the bottom of the vase). it's not very pretty, but i like it anyway.
take care and much love to all.......



WantsBaby2 - April 23

I am sorry about your grandma. It is so frustrating having to stay close to your clinic. I had to cancel a vacation last year because testing went past the normal ovulation time. It is difficult to make a decision too, because it always seems to be the wrong one in the end!!! What is wrong with grandma?

Are you doing IUI or just timed intercourse? I didn't think you were doing IVF right? I wish you much luck with all your testing. Keep us posted. It seems to never end huh?!!!

My gynocologist called today with my test results. It is not bad enough for any more procedures, so they are just going to watch it. She gave the ok to try IVF again but the one glitch is they are closing my IVF lab for upgrades! >:( When I called the clinic they said they didn't really know how long it would be down. It could be 3 weeks or it could be 6!!!


They did say the doc might want to put me on bc for a month or two because it can be helpful in making women respond better. So at least I will be doing something in the meantime. I am so excited and anxious to get started again.

Some of your stuff sounds really neat. I would check the bottom of that vase for a name. If it pottery, some of that stuff is highly collectable and is worth quite a bit. I took a couple of vases from my grandparents estate that my aunt said were ugly and she was going to throw out. I took them because they reminded me of them. They turned out to be Hull pottery and they are worth about $150 bucks apiece. Not that I care, because I won't sell them anyway. But if my aunt only knew!



meridithhasfaith - April 23

Oh Wantsbaby2, you must have wanted to scream when you heard about the lab!

I am glad you are well enough for a cycle though and you can start bcp's. That's a step forward, right!?

Take care and have a great weekend!



TTC in SoCal - April 23

Wantsbaby2.... that really sucks about the lab. good news is i have read bc helps to make the quality of eggs better for the next cycle. just enjoy sex whenever you want for a change!!!
grandma had a stroke last fall. to be honest, since my grandfather died about 7 years ago, she hasn't been the same. then my mom died 2 years ago and that was really hard on her. i'm amazed she has lasted this long.
i'm not doing ivf. after this test, we'll figure out what to do next. it's just so hard to wait (and wait and wait!!)
good luck with your next cycle and maybe you should get a group of people together to work on the lab so they aren't closed very long!!! just think.... the remodel might give them new equipment, etc. to give you more options. :-)
have a great weekend.


cassandra - April 23

Wantsbaby2, I understand about the lab. Last year, after a cancelled cycle, I wanted to start again right away but noooo, the lab closes in april to clean?! ::) I was like you have GOT to be kidding. All we do is wait around here! cassandra


justme - April 23

I have had an abnormal pap and had the biopsy and all that fun stuff. They found I had abnormal (pre-cancer) cell growth, but no cancer. I did cryothereapy where they freeze the cervix to kill the abnormal cells. This was many years ago and from what I remember, it was not that bad. Not good either, but I have had worse things done to me. You are past the worst part, the biopsy!!! Hopefully they will have nothing but good news for you and you can go on your way and get pregnant!!!!!



WantsBaby2 - April 24

Thanks Just me,
They are going to wait on the Cryo thing. Evidentally I am not that bad and my gynocologist said she doesn't want to do it when we want to have a baby so soon. So I was cleared to try IVF again! :D She said baby first! (She is may age and understands the pressures of wanting to be a mom in our late thirties!) So I am excited about that.


Fortyfour - April 24

Wantsbaby2, I had precancerous cells frozen off my cervix at 29 years old. It was uncomfortable but tolerable. ( nothing like hsg) Good luck with that.

When I went to do my first IVF I called to schedule it and the doc was going on vacation for 3 weeks. Argh!

TTC - sorry about the sick grandma. Its so hard to run our lives around this. We have a town centineal coming up in July ( the town were I grew up) and I have a gut feeling that is when the donor will be available for me. Let us know what your test results are. I hope they are good.

Take care all.


meridithhasfaith - May 3

Hi Ladies

Today is my sonohystogram. It's at 1:30. I am nervous. Not because of the test itself but for fear they might find something. I have read (I must stop doing that) that 3 out of 4 women have fibroids and I don't know how many have uterine polyps. Harmless most likely but I don't want to lock horns with an RE who wants to remove anything and me who wants to try and see. Arg!
I guess I shouldn't worry until I know what's in there. My friend asked me yesterday, "What do you think they are going to find, a pepperoni pizza?" He is quite amusing. >:( lol He is now calling me "Polypina". (I need new friends) ;)

Hope you are all doing well. I will let you know what I find out today. Do you think I should find anything out while I'm there?



BabyBound - May 3

Meridith, good luck with your test today.


Lynne - May 3

Good afternoon meridith, what were the test results? I hope the news is promising. It sounds like you have some interesting friends ( sounds like something my old man would say). best of luck. Lynne


meridithhasfaith - May 3

Hi everyone

Thanks babybound and Lynne for the kind words. It went very well and I found out that everything is clear and looks great. I was also told that I am about to ovulate as I had a big follicle ready to go. It's too bad I couldn't come home and catch that egg with my dh but our male factor infertility is too severe.

Thanks again for asking and I hope you guys are doing well. Lynne, just a few more days for you, right? When will you hpt?

p.s. I know what you mean about the friends but that kind of humor helps me out a lot. Keeps me lighthearted. ;)


Fortyfour - May 4

I am glad your test turned out well. Good luck with your cycle.



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