the big day-- part 2-- sort of
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pj - September 27

i can't tell you how out of sorts i am!!!!!
i went in for my test today and got a BFN!!
they left it on my cell phone and told me to call if i had any questions!? so, i called. "any way this could be wrong?"
"unfortunately, no."
"could you explain the math to me? it just never added up why i should come in so early for a p/g test. even with a day 6 blast, it's only been 5 days since the transfer. that makes a total of 11 days."
"please hold while i check your chart." (me, on hold, sobbing) "um, i'm very sorry for the confusion, but you shouldn't have come in today. your pregnancy test should be this friday. nine days post transfer. you should continue your medication and we'll see you friday. but you should brace yourself because i don't think the outcome will be any different."

can you believe them!!!??!?
so, i'll let you know friday how it went. i'm sure hoping they're wrong 'cause this is most likely our last chance. ($$$)


Fortyfour - September 27

Holy smokes - how cruel. You could still get a positive so hang in there. I will put you in my prayers.


baby4us - September 27

That is cruel.. and v. insensitve to say to not get your hopes up.. you'll probably get a neg. on Friday as well.. no way.. if you were early.. you could still very well have a positive on Friday.. so stay positive... let us know how it goes!!!


WantsBaby2 - September 27

You would think that they would be more careful about stuff like that! >:( It's their job! You still could get a positive though.....don't give up hope! I will say prayers for you!



christina - September 27



silli_kitti - September 28

Stupid incompetent people!! This is their job!! Is it too much to ask to get the timing right!! I mean, their job is all about timing, isn't it???


Good luck!


Karen123 - September 29

PJ, That is unbelievable. I am so sorry that you went through this but there are so many people hoping and praying for you....anxious to read your update and hoping SO MUCH that it is great news. Baby dust, Karen


sblanton2 - September 29

So sorry for the complete rudeness you encountered. Hope they are wrong....
Best Wishes,



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