the big day-- part 1
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pj - September 20

well, tomorrow is the frozen transfer.
i wonder if i'll get any sleep tonight.
i decided to take the rest of the week off work. my doctor doesn't think it helps, but i just have to know i've done everything i possibly could to make this work. (it's probably our last chance.) i have an acupuncture appointment for 10:30 in the morning and the transfer is at 1 o'clock.
i'm so anxious. i can't wait to hear how many have survived all this and are ready to transfer. and the nurse said that since they are 5 day blasts the pregnancy test will be nine days later (instead of the usual 2ww.) wow!
wish us luck, a grand design, and lots of baby dust.


Meg - September 21


Good Luck tomorrow :) I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.



Debie - September 21

Goodluck PJ. Will pray with you for all to work out.


pj - September 21

thanks for your thoughts, support, and prayers.
btw, i just happened to notice that all three of us (meg, debie, and i) are 33 yrs old. for some reason, that made me feel better.
thank you, ladies, for sharing this experience with me.
i'll let you know the details this afternoon.
here's hoping.
[oh and btw, i slept okay last night considering, but i got up this morning and had a compulisve need to start cleaning my house. all in all not a bad thing, it needs it.] :-)


WantsBaby2 - September 21

Good luck PJ....Keep us posted on how things go! Tons of babydust to you.



guest44 - September 21

Good luck with the transfer and buckets of baby dust to you. Take care and vent to us at any time.


SMS1129 - September 21

Best of luck to you, PJ!! Let us know how it goes!



pj - September 22

well, aside from the fact that they called me at 9:30 this morning to push my transfer time from 1:30 to 3:30, everything went swimmingly. all four blasts survived, and one didn't even need assisted hatching because it started hatching on its own. that's the best quality one. then there's one that's good quality. one that's okay, and one that's not so good.
the most shocking thing is that my pregnancy test is monday!! how'd that happen?
i asked them several times just to be sure and, yep, it's monday, the 26th!!
they said that the "window of implantation" was anywhere from 12-72 hours. i guess that means that if it hasn't happened by saturday night, it ain't gonna' happen.
i'm so excited!!! hopefully i won't have enough time to feel much of anything else before monday. we'll see. :-)


justme - September 22

Sounds great PJ!!!! Best of luck!


Fortyfour - September 22

pj - Good luck with this cycle. It looks really promising for you. Buckets of baby dust to you.


Karen123 - September 23

PJ, That is amazing that your test is on Monday!! I sure hope you hear great news! BEST of luck and tons of baby dust to you! Karen



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