Sperm Washing
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BabyBound - April 8

I was deflated today when I open my mail. I got a letter from my insurance company that states "sperm washing" is not covered under my plan.\ >:( >:( I thought all we were going to pay for my iui cycle is a $200 copay for the procedure...my drugs are not covered (thankfully, I'm only on clomid and I had to buy the hcg). IVF is not covered at all!! I hope we have success before it has to come to that.

My question...do anyone know the cost of sperm washing. I wander if my ultrasound is covered. UGH!! Everytime I take one step forward, it seems I get hit with a curve ball.


Fortyfour - April 8

I did the sperm washing years ago and it cost $350. but that was 10 years ago. I know the pain of no insurance paying. Everything I do is private pay. IVF, meds, donor costs. yuck.

Take care and I hope the IUI works and no ivf needed for you.


tinkerbell - April 8

babybound, i had my latest bill for sperm washing 2/1/05, and it cost $225. (IUI procedure was $350)...

wishing the best for you...


Amy - April 8

i feel your frustration with insurance not covering anything!! our insurance doesn't cover a thing since my diagnosis is "infertility". our sperm washings were $250 but went down to $150 when we switched doctors. that's in wisconsin though i'm assuming it depends on your area.
it just blows my mind that they don't see infertility as a medical condition but as an elective procedure.
no matter what the cost it will all be worth it in the end when you look at your little miracle!!
best of luck with your iui


BabyBound - April 8

Thanks ladies for the input...I know the cost will diminish as soon as I get a BFP. I did find out that everything else for the iui is covered.

Good Luck to you all on this emotional journey!!


Pkatt51 - April 10

::) At our local clinic the sperm processing will cost us $104. That doesn't sound to bad now that I have been reading the other costs. Apparanlty it will be in the 100-300 range so I would call and check.
Our insurance doesn't pay for the hcg, the processing or the iui, so the costs are going to be adding up. But it is worth it! We go this week for our first iui after ttc 1.5 years.
Good luck to everyone!



William - April 26

:'(I've been trying to find out where I should go for the sperm washing proceedure. I live in Boston Mass and I can't seem to find any information on the cost nor where to go for the sperm washing. If you have any information that would help me, I would sure appreciate an Email. My wife would really love to have a baby!

Thank you

[email protected]


Cheri - April 26

I just paid a bill from our fert. clinic and it cost $135 for sperm washing and $135 for the IUI. However our insurance has paid fairly well. Our Ins covers up to $15.000 for fertility but my injectables cost $1200 or more each cycle so far but that amt is suppose to go towards ded. and then pays around 70/30---which isnt bad but could be better. It wont take long to get to the $15,000 mark. This whole thing makes upset about money. Anyway good luck and future baby success. Cheri


meridithhasfaith - April 26

My gosh, just reading these posts makes me realize how unfair the insurance system really is. I live in MA and have medical insurance. MA is one of only a handful of states that mandates infertility coverage. So, in essence, my IVF will cost me only $15 for the first office visit, $20 co-pay for the meds and that's it. It just isn't fair that you have to pay out of pocket. Not fair at all. I wish everyone the best in funding these procedures.



rara - May 7

My doctor quoted me $75.00/sperm washing and said I would need 2. Like you, my insurance is not very helpful. The Follistim that I am going to take cost over $700.00. That is just for 2 vials, if I don't do well with that, he will increase the dosage which will add to the cost. Good luck. We are starting IU this coming cycle.


bethann - May 15

I don't know if this posting is too late but our sperm washing was $150. Hope this helps!



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