Question about Folicles
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rena - December 24

Dear All,
Today I went to the first u/s after 4 days of Gonal-F injection. The doctor said I have three folicles with the size of 12mm. My E2 is 157. Do you think this is suitable progress? My dr didn't increase my dosage (still 75 UI). Do you think it is too low of the dosage? Usually, how may folicle should grow and what's the size for the first u/s? At this stage, will it grow more folicle when I do 2nd u/s?
Thanks a lot for your help and Merry Christmas!


Souls - December 30

I can only relay my experience but from what I understand 3 folicles are good...especially if they are a healthy size. They will measure them again...I had 6-8 at first but when I went for the next u/s I had 4 very strong follies. When doing IUI they don't want you to have too many follies b/c they don't have much control of multiples. 2-3 follies is good from my understanding. I don't see why he would up your dosage if you are producing a good number and size. I unfortunately can't remember my size 100%...I think by the 2nd u/s my four follies had grown to 24mm-30mm...if there somewheres...
Remember...just ask when your in there with them!
All my best!


rena - December 30

Dear Souls,
Thank you very much for your info. I did IUI yesterday and today. It was bad yesterday. Nurse (Rene) did the IUI and she could not insert the catheter into my utrus many times. Then she put the sperm sample back to the syrange and then put it into another catheter. Can the sperm sample lase by changing the catheter? It was very pain yesterday. Today, she still did IUI for me and it was ok. I am wondering why the Doctor didn't do IUI. Did Dr. do IUI for you? He did pre-check for catheter for me last week and it was ok. I had severe pain at my both sides today (36 hours after trigger shot) and could you tell me what's going on? Did you have same experience? At the time when I did IUI yesterday I only have two follicle (21mm and 17mm) each side. During my first u/s Doctor found that my right ovary and utrus are connected to each other and he suspected that I might have Endo. He said that my right ovary's follicle can ovarlate to the tube. So, basically I have only one follicle at left side. Do you think I still have chance this time? Do you think I have stimulate problem (running out of the ovarian reserve)?
Thank you very much and wish you have smoth pregancy.


Kimber - February 15

I had a sono today after day 15 of my menstral cycle. I took 50mg of clomid on day 5 - 9. The Dr. said that I have a folicle 15 - 16.5. Is that good/normal?




carol - March 13

is one follicle good on day nine of cycle?

also do small cycts on the ovaries reduce the chance of IUI working?


padamaja - April 17

This is the second time i have done IUI.but this month doctor has done two IUI's: one after 48 hrs of HCG injection ( i.e on the 12th day )and the other after 20 hrs of first IUI(i.e on the 13th day).On the 10th day after my periods doctor has done ultrasound for follicular study in it the report is- right ovary DF 21mm and left ovary DF 21mm.on the same day nurse has given me HCG injection. i want to know why the doctor has gone for two IUI's with above timings Is it b'cos both are of 21mm.On 11th day and 12 th day i had lot of pain in the right side of lower abdomen.


lorraine - April 21

i had ultra sound scan done today i had 3 folicles on the right 1.2 x1.1
on the left 7x7
6x6 .i am also on 100 g of clomid is these a poor result on day 11 of my cycle



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