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NewYorker - March 21

I recently had an IUI and the doctor prescribed me to take Prometrium for 2 weeks until i get a positive or negative pregnancy test...i would like any feedback on this RX. Positives and negatives...i have never taken it before...wondering if others out there took it for the same reason...If your doctor's prescribed it for you also???
Thanks for any input you can give! :)


njgirl - March 22

I took this for about 2 weeks. No side effects other than it was a little messy. You will need to wear panty liners and make sure you get an applicator from the pharmacy. Good luck


TTC_baby_girl - March 25

I thought prometrium was oral? My pills look like tiny eggs and say 200 mg on them. They Are oral right? Suppositories would come with a suppository applicator right? Please tell me I am not wrong about this. I am very worried now.


Tiffany F - March 25


As far as I no prometrium is an oral small pill, prometrium is progesterone so I assume the other ladies are speaking of progesterone suppositories, I will be starting vaginal progesterone capsules next week and they look like you can swallow them, but I am to insert them vaginally, if it's a pill not a capsule you can not insert that vaginally, hope that helps some :)...take care....Tiffany~~~


TTC_baby_girl - March 25

Yeah mind sorta looks like a pill. NOt like an advil pill though kinda like a jell cap except that it ISNT 2 pieces put together like a capsul. It looks like a plastic egg and is deffinitly prometrium brand.


refinnej - March 25

It is precautionary if your progesterone levels were a low. It will prevent you from shedding your uterine lining. Most of my friends had to take it for 12 weeks or so into their pregnancies. I am in my 2ww. I find out Wednesday, I will probably be needing progesterone too. Hope all is well Good luck!



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