Proj injections/ welted skin
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justme - September 18

Have any of you had welts (sp?) on your bottoms from the shots? My left cheek itches bad and welts up.


SMS1129 - September 18


I do. I had that last time too. I am hoping it won't be much longer for these shots. I know from last time, once you stop the swelling does go down pretty fast.

How are you feeling otherwise?



justme - September 18

I am feeling pretty good. A little nausea off an on but nothing major. I am really tired though!!!!! I take a nap every day when my daughter naps and still go to bed early. That is not like me!

How are you feeling? Are you noticing a swollen abdomen? I am majorly bloated.


sussie88 - September 19

I also have welts on my bottom and they itch!!! (not exactly the spot you want to get caught scratching at work either!). I am fortunate in that I work with a few nurses, I had them look at my bottom (now that's a true friend) and place little x's with a black marker at other areas where my husband could inject at. They are still in the general vacinity, but we kind of expanded to the left and right a bit which gave my other spots a break!

I am also still very bloated!! My ovaries still have follicles in them (the leftovers I am told). Can't wait for my next u/s on Thursday!!

Good luck everyone!


guest44 - September 19

I have swelling, redness and itching in my shot areas until the shots are done. Hot packs help me alot. The nurses say I am allergic to something in the shots.

I have one hard knot left from my shots 3 weeks ago.

Take care


SMS1129 - September 20


I feel pretty good, extremely tired all the time too. It came on pretty fast. I am also always hungry!! I work 8-9 hours a day, so I get home and all I want to do is crash. Other than that, no nausea yet.

I definitely have a swollen abdomen. I am not sure if it is the pregnancy or post-medication. The DR said my ovaries are still enlarged from the stimulation. I go back on Thursday to see the heartbeats, so I am looking forward to that.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch!



sussie88 - September 20

Sue, it sounds like you and I are going through the same thing. My stomach is enlarged, my ovaries are still huge, I still have follicles - the 'left overs' - it is all fluid. I saw the heart beats last week - hoping to hear them this week! (thursday). Can't wait!!!


SMS1129 - September 21


It sounds like I am exactly 1 week behind you as well. I go to see the heartbeats tomorrow morning (Thursday) and to hear them next Thursday (29th).

You are having twins, right? So exciting!! What are your levels these days so I can gage what mine should be at this point?



sussie88 - September 21

The labs they did this week did not check my levels :( I think they have been so concerned with my liver and kidney functions due to the hyperstimulation that the pregnancy hormone got missed. I had asked my Doc about levels and if I was were I was supposed to be - she said that the number is not important it is more important in what is happening to the number (like is it rising at the right rate - I think she said the 'trend' is more important.)
I'll update you on the heart beats tomorrow!



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