painful intramuscular injections
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Trying in NH - February 18

This post scares the crap out of me!!! I am doing my first IVF cycle and I should be starting those about March 1 or 2 depending on when the procedure will be. Thanks for the tip in the numbing cream I will ask my RE


Asunflower - February 26

Trying in NH,
Is this your seond child with IVF? I am just wondering. I tried one IVF cycle in Jan. with BFN. I will begin again in March. The shots aren't too bad. They hurt but I am even willing to try them again if I get a BFP. Hang in there. Icing the area first helps a lot and then putting a heating pad on after really helps as well. I never got the cream but it always worth a try.


Trying in NH - February 26


No our first child was actually a clomid baby on the first round, we were very very lucky. This one we have been trying for 20 months with no success. Sorry to hear about your BFN last month. My thoughts go out to you. It is so difficult to go through this whole process and to come out negative is devestating. Keep us updated for March. Thanks for the tips with the ice and the heat I plan on trying both ways.

Good luck


Asunflower - February 26

Trying in NH,
I will keep you posted! I hope everything goes well for you. Where are you in the process?


Trying in NH - March 4

As of today we are set up for retrieval Sunday morning. I am so nervous to start these injections, but hopefully it will be all worth it in the end. At least tonight will be the last stomach shot with the HCG. I am so tired of being poked at already, with about 6 more weeks to go of butt shots! I'll just have to keep turning the other cheek (haha)


Asunflower - March 4

Trying in Nh,
I hope all goes well with your retrival. It won't be long now though! Keep me posted with how many eggs they retrieve and how they do the next couple of days. Take it easy and make sure your DH takes good care of you. I am glad to see you still have a sense of humor in all of this! Don't forget to use your ise and heating pad. It really helps!


RW8401 - March 5

Hi This is my first time posting a msg. My DH and I have been ttc for 3 yrs. I've had 2 mscgs. I'm 33 and my DH is 30. I am going through my first IVF cycle and just started the sc injections on Friday. The IM shots scare me but I just need to remind myself that it will be worth it. I go for my first blood test/us on Monday to see how I'm responding to the shots. Right now I'm on 450 of the Follistim and 15 units of the low dose hcg, 4ml of estrace. Does anyone understand/know what the normal ranges are to expect when you get your results? Good luck to everyone!


WeHaveAMiracle - October 9

Hi, I stumbled upon this site by accident, Googling lots of different things lol. I am currently pregnant, 25 weeks 3days. I haven't had any problems getting pregnant, it's more so that with my first pregnancy my son was born premature at 32 weeks due to a bacteria infection. Now that I remarried, we've had 2 pregnancies just last year alone back to back ending in m/c. So, now that my lil bean finally held on my OB had me start progesterone 17p from 16 weeks. I have about 9 more weeks to go as they would want me to stop by 36 weeks or 34 which ever (apparently my OB doesn't seem to mind it that much). I take the shot to prevent premature labor as studies and research had proved it works. I go to a military hospital as my husband is in the Army. This particular hospital does not carry the progesterone so therefore neither my doctor or the nurses can administer the shots for me. Since my husband has been deployed since January (he came home April for his R & R and we got preggo in that 2 weeks lol), I've been giving myself the shots on my thigh with a 21 gauge 1 inch needle. I couldn't do it with 1 1/2 because I am a thin woman. I also give it to my thigh, both right and left alternatively. I haven't had any problems at all. It did hurt my thigh after the initial shot and the second one (sort of like a sore muscle) but, now.. it doesn't hurt. I can do it blindfolded now and think nothing of it.

I hope you ladies have the best of luck. :)



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