Painful HSG
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JenniferS - May 4


My husband & I are new to the IUI process. I was supposed to have an HSG test yesterday, but the doctor had to stop because it caused A LOT of pain. He told me it wasn't supposed to be a painful procedure; I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. If you have, did you still have a successful IUI? Thanks in advance!


meridithhasfaith - May 4

Hi Jennifer

Did they get to take any pictures before stopping the procedure? I heard an HSG can be painful. Not unbearable but some pain can occur and if there is tubal blockage, it can hurt worse but it can be evident on the X-Ray. How far did they get before they stopped?



tinkerbell - May 4

Jen, my HSG procedure was painful as well (the Dr said I have a very small cervical opening so he made several attempts to insert the catheter which was the cause of pain). Anyway, the procedure was completed and got to see the x-ray results. We then proceeded to IUI. However I was not successful in my first 2 attempts, but that is not caused by the HSG btw. I don't think that there is a connection between HSG and IUI. The HSG procedure is just to see if you have tubal blockage.

Hope this helps.


LisainAK - May 5

Mine was pretty painful too - liveable and a little worse after the procedure for a few hours...good luck to you!!!


Lynne - May 5

painful is the word :o
My male doc said, I'm just gonna clamp this puppy to your cervix... it will just pinch a bit, that man deserves to die. I got through it with pain killers and a few bad words. I bled for a couple days and spotted for a few more and no sex for a week ( it just hurt too much). every one is different just as no two pregnancies are the same, you would think that they would warn us that the procedure might be a bit painful but the only warning I got was from the nurse when I booked the appointment, I am happy that atleast she mentioned something, going in with no warning would have been awful).

Regrettably you will probably have to go back in and have the procedure completed just to make sure your tubes are clear, maybe you can have a seditive for the test, it never hurts to ask. Baby wishes to you. Lynne


JenniferS - May 5

Thanks everybody! It is SO nice to know I am not alone! I go in tomorrow for an ultrasound to check out follicles & then I get to give myself a shot (!) of Ovidrel. Our first IUI is supposed to happen this Saturday......I've had a couple surgeries to remove cysts & endometriosis; the doctor did a dye test on my tubes each time & said they were clear. I just hope they still are!

Thanks again!


cassandra - May 5

I'll never forget my hsg. The doctor forcing the dye that just would not go...the nurse saying doctor, she's going into painful...cassandra


Fortyfour - May 8

It has been 14 years since my HSG and I will get sweat on my brow thinking about it. My pain was when the dye went through. It caused terrible cramps that lasted for a couple of days. Nothing I would like to repeat.

It must have been really hard with a small cervix. I saw the tool that they use to get through the cervix and it looked like a torture device to me.

Good luck



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