Ovridel, Progesterone avail
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malika - May 25

I have the following available for pick up ONLY in NYC. Sorry no shipping.

2 Ovridel injections -$75 for both
Progesterone Injections, PIO
Dexamethasone & Doxycycline


lyysa - May 27

hi how much for gonal f 900 iu
no insurance
thx lyysa

[quote author=malika link=board=8;threadid=5795;start=0#49908 date=1211733994]
I have the following available located in NY.

4 boxes of Gonal-F 900 iu at $250 per box,exp 2-9 & 3-9.
2 boxes of Menopur 75 IU at $100 a box.
2 boxes Endometrin Vaginal Inserts, 21 per box/$100 a box.
14 day Leuprolide Lupron kit - $100
2 Ovridel injections, PIO & E2V inserts
I have alot of others left over too and may include some for free with the Gonal_F if you need them. (Novarel 10,000,Ovridel, PIO, E2V Inserts, dexamethasone)


kristi1980 - May 28

How much for the Orvidrel I am in desparet need of it I am a self pay fertility patient please help me!



malika - May 29

Kristi, Where are you located?


sunshine71 - May 30

Hi Malika

I'm interested in purchasing the menopur


kristi1980 - May 30

I am in Pryor Ok would you do COD?



sunshine71 - May 30

I can do COD for the Menopur


Red7 - May 31

HI do you still have Novarel for sale? If so can you ship COD Post office Priority mail? email me at [email protected] You , Pat


jenthetwinmom - June 2

do you still have the ovidrel or novarel??? e-mail [email protected]


malika - June 6

Are you in nyc?


kristi1980 - June 16

I deparetly need the orvidrel would you be willing to ship and do COD or paypal or something I need it so bad And I can't get it for that price anywhere I can through some extra cash in or something, Please let me know. Sorry to keep bugging you but I am desprate!!!!!!!!!!!!
[email protected]



malika - June 17

Hi Kristi,
I'm so sorry. The ovridel must be kept at 46 degrees. I don't have a proper medical cooler to ship it in and if I did the cost to ship overnight is $75. I would not want to risk shipping 2 day because it doesn't even allow for "excursions" like some other meds do.


suman - August 2

I have unopened 8 boxes each contain 21 of endometrin progesterone progestrone vaginal insert 100mg from my old cycle. They expire 09th month of 2009. $75 per box obo. Let me know. email me at [email protected]

Thanks, suman



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