Our 1st IVF and 1st pregnancy
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babysmith1 - April 7


My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years. We discovered we were having porblems after several years of trying. We started to see a specialist in Jacksonville,Fl. and he told us that i was fine but it was him and our only hope of having children together is IVF. Otherwise we would either have to adopt or use a sperm donor. So now we've started down our journey of IVF. we are lined up to start our medication anytime now and hope we can get it here on time to have the IVF done the first or second weekend in May. This will be our first pregnancy. we're escited but at the same time we're kind of nervous and scared. But, we know where our Hope and Faith lie and that's in our Lord God and we know he's more than able to help us throught this time and bless this procedure. If you all will, please keep us in your prayers. we greatly appreciate it. We're believing that this first time is all it will take. Our finances won't support another for quite sometime.


rparies - April 10


I wish you the best of luck. This is a tough road to travel, and you will find a lot of support on the forums. Congrats for reaching out, and for taking the step toward IVF and possible control of your future :-)

My hubby & I are in Calif, but I'm from FL. We've been married almost 6 yrs, and have been TTC nearly 3 of those. Unfortunately, the problem is w/my eggs, and we're now moving on to adoption. It sounds like your chances are much better. Keep your spirits up, and the stress down!!

--PS-I have leftover gonal-f and menopur if your RE puts you on a protocol w/them. If you have insurance, use that, but if not, drop me a line and I'd be happy to send it to you much cheaper than the pharmacy.

Take care & lots of Baby dust :-)


babysmith1 - April 10

I wish you the best also. Adoption is a good process too. I was an adopted child, so i know the good that comes out of it. It will change that child's and your life forever the good way, no doubt. Anyway, you stay encouraged too. We acctually live in GA and travel back and to to Jacksonville for treatments.


rparies - April 10

Good morning,
Thanks for the kind words. My nephew is adopted, and his has been a good example for us. I love GA too--and have family in Atlanta. You're making me homesick

Best of luck!



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