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Fortyfour - August 17

Hi there, I was wondering how you are doing and what your us showed. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you


oneandonlymel - August 17

Fourtyfour, there was a heartbeat yesterday!! I felt so many emotions preparing myself for yesterday and when he got to the heartbeat tears just came, I know you know that feeling, but he said he didnt' want me to walk on egg shells or be excited yet. I have to have a ultrasound done every week and if I make it to 10 weeks then the risk of miscarrying is alot less. So now I just have to have faith! Which seems to be all we have when it comes to getting pregant!! It means alot to me to know you were thinking of me, I hope we both soar through our pregnancies as everyone else! I know it will be along 9 months!! How are you feeling ?


WantsBaby2 - August 17

One and Only,
Oh I am so happy for you. A little heartbeat! I will pray that all stays well and good. Just take care of yourself and that little one! Take care.



justme - August 17

That is wonderful news. I will pray that your little one stays strong.



Fortyfour - August 17

Oneandonlyme - How fantastic - now I can breathe easier. I am doing ok. I had a couple of good days without too much nausea and then whammo this morning its back with a vengence. I know that is good though. I am really tired also. How are you feeling?

I will put a prayer out for your little one. May he/she continue to prosper.

Baby dust to all.


oneandonlymel - August 17

Justme and wantsbaby2 thanks!!
Fourtyfour I have been nauseated too! It seem to be only in the evenings, but today I have had a headache and nausea all morning and feeling really tired which I have been feeling tired for 2 weeks, all I want to do is take a nap!! glad you are doing well


Karen123 - August 19

oneandonly - just wanted to say hi and i"m thinking of you. When is your next u/s? I hope you are doing ok. I too am feeling the pregnancy signs that you mentioned but of course dealing with it with a smile. My next u/s is on 8/26 since the doc wants to see if my "little" twin is ok. I'm nervous but trying hard to just enjoy the feeling of knowing about the miracles going on inside me. It's truly so amazing. I watch births on TV all the time and just cry my eyes out. I'll be having a C section (since my tail bone broke during childbirth before and it took nearly 2 years to recover) but it will still be a beautiful experience. Well, I hope you are doing well! Karen


Fortyfour - August 20

I am the queen of sleep right now. My nausea has been bad now for 2 days. Nothing sits in my stomach right. I guess its because I have double trouble going on. Take care all. My next us is on 8/24.


oneandonlymel - August 22

Hello! I have an ultrasound this morning which I am 7 weeks, he is going to do one every week until I am 10 weeks. I have been so nauseated to where I would feel better if I just got sick, and I don't know if you guys have constipation already, but its not a good thing LOL. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope my little heartbeat is still going!!! I will be on pin and needles every week!


Karen123 - August 23

oneandonly - can't wait to hear the news! Karen


oneandonlymel - August 23

Ultrasound went well!! heartbeat still strong and the baby went from 3.4mm to 7.8mm so everything is going well, but we still have to go week by week. Hope everyone else are doing well!!


justme - August 23

That is great news!!!!!!!


Debie - August 23


Congratulations. Will keep praying for you and your little one. You deserve to be happy. Keep growing.



Fortyfour - August 23

Fantastic new oneandonlymel- keep on growing little one. My us is thurs this week not wedsn. Hubby had to fly Wedns.


Karen123 - August 24

oneandonly - again, I am so thrilled for you and hope that you can enjoy this pregnancy. You deserve happiness!

44 - my thoughts will be with you on Thurs and I will anxiously be waiting to see your post. Enjoy watching those flickering lights on the screen! It is so amazing. Karen



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