not looking good
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jenno - April 25

I think I'd better start bracing myself for a negative beta tomorrow. I started very minor spotting yesterday evening and awoke to what sure looks like my period this morning. It's weird though, I'm not really cramping. I guess that could be the Progesterone (oral 100mg twice per day ). I told dh and he was very sad this morning. I'm so sick of this.


Cheri - April 25

Im sorry to hear about your not so good news! All we can do is keep a little hope! Your a pretty strong woman for all the procedure's that you have gone thru, let alone all the hormones. About the time your chosen for adoption again--you will probaly end up pregnant. Ive known several people this has happened to. Our DH try to be so strong but the looks on their face or the sound in their voice says it all. My thoughts and prayers are with you. We can be sad together for I just had a failed IUI--did another baseline and now have to take a month off!!!! Cheri


WantsBaby2 - April 25

I am sooo sorry. Looks like you have really been through the infertility ringer with all the procedures you have had done. It is so unfair. I know after my 6 failed IUIs I just started to expect failure. It is difficult not to after awhile. It gets to the point where you cry and grieve and then you just feel numb. Know that we are here for you and we understand the pain you are experiencing now. I hope you are feeling better after a few days. Take care.



Fortyfour - April 25

Jenno, Sorry about the bleeding. I hope that all is ok though. My sis thought she had her period and was pg so there could still be hope. Its seems normal to me that you are tired of this. You have been throught so much. Good luck and keep in touch.


paige - April 26

Hi Jenno don't get upset until you know for sure. It could be just break through bleeding and maybe it might be a psitive. Good luck Paige :)



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