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christina - June 6

Hi all - I have been reading as a guest for about 2 weeks and learning alot.

I don't know all abbrev. but sure I will catch on fast.

My husband and I have a 5 1/2 yr old son - concieved with no "help" (lol) and have been trying for 3 yrs now with help of RE I have had many things done but there is a male factor and a tubal factor (not completley blocked) but have had 3hsg, laparascopy, and blah blah

We have decided with many suggestions and talks with our RE that we are doing an IUI in July - we have to go to a 3 hrs class for injections etc- was wondering if there is ANYONE out there doing similar or around July that I may chat with - apprently there is many people expierence what they are calling Secondary Infertility... Which I find bizzare that there is such an epidemic of infertility in general... anyway - let me know - if your out there and are trying in july or (aug) I'd love to hear from anyone & their expierences



bethann - June 8

Hi Chrisy,

I'll be doing my 2nd IUI in late June so we'll be close in cycles. At least I think I'll be doing another IUI, I've decided to do a 3 day fsh test first. However, since I'm just a few weeks off of my first IUI with meds (not successful, but try, try again!) I'll be happy to chat with you about any questions. It was a fascinating experience, learning all about the meds,process, etc. Plus I did a ton of research about female reproduction on the internet so I know just enough to be dangerous!
Welcome to the site! We are all here to help and support!


christina - June 8

thanks! I am very excited... I have always been glass 1/2 full girl so I am keeping that attitude!

can't wait to see what this summer brings!



Karen123 - June 10

Chrisy, I wish you the very best with your procedures. I just had an FSH test on 6/7 and I am guessing that I'll start on my IVF journey very soon. Although not the same procedure, I'm sure we'll be both having many of the same fears, hopes and feelings. Good luck!! Karen



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