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sblanton2 - May 23

Hi all, I have just found this site and am new to the infertile community. I have four daughters from a previous marriage thought I was finished ended up divorced and remarried. I am 32 and my husband is 36, he has never had children and wants to experience fatherhood from the beginning and he is a wonderful Dad to my girls so here I am. We have been married 4 years used no birth control and I did not get pregnant, testing revealed mf infertility so we have a consultation on June 6th. Any advice for us would be welcome, we have to do IVF with ICSI. Best of luck to all of you and keep me in your prayers.


shaz - May 23

Hi Sylvia,

Welcome, you will find heaps of support here....

We have also had to do IVF with ICSI because of male factor infertility. It took a while but my daughter is now 5yo, and I am 8 weeks pregnant again with number 2. I am 38 and was 32 when I concieved Billie.....

Wow 4 daughters must keep you on your toes. Having one is hard enough work.

Good luck to you and DH.



Fortyfour - May 23

Sylvia, welcome to the site and good luck with your ivf. Keep in touch and take care.


sblanton2 - May 24

:) Thanks all, I have found this to be a great outlet for my need to know. My husband doesn't like to talk about our upcoming journey I am not sure why, so you all are it.... LOL

Yes, four daughters are a lot of work, or at least they were when they were little. I had them all 18 months apart so at one point I had four girls all under the age of 5. I get tired just thinking about it. no wonder the idea of more than twins scares me(flashbacks) LOL. Now it is easy, the youngest was 9 May 11th, and they are all in some activity or another.

I just cannot wait to get started. I was so young when I had the girls, and I took my fertility for granted ya know? Now I am actually in a great place both emotionally and financially and I can't seem to get pregnant. Amazing...dirt poor, young and stupid =pregnant and more mature, comfortable and much wiser = no baby. Hopefully the IVF w/ICSI will work for us and my eggs won't be more interested in retirement.

Please if you have any tips I am all ears...what worked for you, if resting after transfer or going back to work the day after or any supplements you took or things that made the shots easier to deal with. That is what scares me the most, will I be able to handle the multitude of shots I will have to give myself. Again, Thank you all for the kind thoughts and wishes I do appreciate it.


shaz - May 24


Before I started on IVF I was so scared of needles. I would rather be sick for a week than have a needle to fix me straight away. Believe me that needles become so easy to do. They are actually the easy part. It's the emotions that are tough....When I was ttc the first time, it consumed me totally. It was all I thought about and all I spoke about. It took 5 years to fall pregnant with my daughter!!!!
This time I totally changed my attitude. Relaxed, meditated, and really prepared my body for what was about to happen......It worked first go.....There has to be something in that!

Keep coming and asking questions, or just have a vent if you need to.

Take care



Karen123 - May 25

Sylvia, I am also new here and want to say that I wish you the very best of luck. I truly hope that both of us will be happy and pregnant very soon. I hope you continue to post so that I can see how you are doing. Karen



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