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Trying in NH - February 15

I am about to start my third round of clomid but this time they are going to do an IUI. I have an 11 month old son who was a first round clomid baby after 1 1/2 years of trying. My heart goes out to you who have tried longer then that with no success. I am frustrated that it didn't work this time and a little scared that it won't happen again. I am also going to be 35 this weekend and hear that clock ticking very loudly! The research says it has only a 26% chance of happening with an IUI. Is the IUI painful?? :'( I had an HSG done before my son and it was VERY uncomfortable when they opened my cervix.


kola - April 14

Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I love to hear you thoughts. I am 22, I was married 3 1/2 years ago, ttc for a little more than 2 years. as far I know there is nothing wrong with us(unexplained) I tried 4 cycles of clomid and it didn't work, I decided to changed doctors because I didn't think he knew what he's doing. I am now with a new doctor whom I feel very comfortable with. I am going to start my first cycle with clomid and iui. I just want to know what I should expect. By the way if anyone wants a fertility buddy, I would love that. I've been looking for someone for support. It's very hard, I never thought I'd be going through this, but here I am.


TTC in SoCal - April 14

Welcome, Kola... you've hit the jackpot of support. all of the women here know what you're going through and will listen when you want to vent and provide sage advice when you need it.
The doctors on this site don't recommend clomid... especially for more than 3 cycles, so i would check with your doctor to see if he/she can progress you to something else. Make sure your docs have tested for absolutely everything. I've recently discovered that thyroid problems can cause infertility, so make sure they do a full thyroid panel (not just a TSH).
Good luck and come back often for doses of humor, venting, and all-around support!!!


BabyBound - April 14

Hi Kola, welcome the the boards. There's a tremendous amount of support here. I just completed my first iui w/clomid yesterday. I had three good size follicles on Monday, trigger shot on Tuesday and IUI on Wednesday. Now, I'm in my 2 week wait. Our infertitlity issue is mild sperm factor so my RE is very confident that IUI w/clomid is a good route for us. If after a few iui with not positive results, we will move on to injectible drugs and from there ivf, if necessary. I'm really optimistic that we won't have to go that route. Our insurance don't cover ivf, so we can't afford it. But as the saying goes...if there's a will, there's a way!!

Good luck with your first IUI.


tinkerbell - April 14

hi trying in NH, my 2 IUI procedure were painful for me because the doctor said I have a very tiny cervix opening. I had spotting/bleeding after the procedure, which was normal because of the scarring. The pain is nothing like hsg though, and since you've had that, I'm sure you will breeze thru the IUI procedure :)

Kola, welcome.. i've also been looking for a fertility buddy. it's been very difficult for me lately because i have 5 friends who got pregnant almost at the same time! Little chats with them have been difficult lately because all they talk about is their pregnancies (can't blame them bcoz I didn't tell them how difficult it is for me to conceive). The good news is that you are only 22, so there's plenty of time for you. But hey, just buzz and I'll (we will) all be here..



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