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Fortyfour - September 17

Hi everyone. I went to see my new doctor on Thursday. It felt really good and my husband said, Wow, what a big change from the other guy. He wrote a lab slip out for me for labs and I have to have another Hystosalpingogram since my last one was done in my 20's. Yuck, that was really painful for me. He felt that with my history I should be able to carry a baby to full term. He was not really excited about ivig treatments that are done for immune problems though. I will still have the other doc run those specific tests and if I feel he needs to take notice of something I will not hesitate to chew the bone on it with him. We are shooting for January for a FET. December, if I feel good but any time before March would be great. He felt that I had no implantation problems since I got pg with my ivf so easy. He thinks it probably a blood clotting problem. I was sad the night before we went but felt really good after seeing him. He is very energetic and expained everthing to us. He answered all my questions and didnt poo-poo any of them.

Here we go again.

Baby dust to all and no m/cs for anyone.


pj - September 17

i'm glad you sound (mostly) comfortable with your new doc. it can make such a difference in a situation that already has so many variables.
sorry to hear about the repeat hysterosalpingogram. ouch! my re requires one every year (which was a deciding factor in when to have our fet.)
speaking of fet's good luck and loads of baby dust to you, whenever you decide it's the right time for you.
you're still in my thoughts and prayers concerning all of this, particularly because of your recent losses. this cycle of hope and despair sucks!
hopefully you'll have no more despairing. ;-)


HeatherMac - September 17

Yea Fortyfour!!

I am so glad to hear about your new doc!! That is great news!! I love an RE full of hope and optimism...especially when personal experience has been so unpleasant. I know that journey, sister, and I am THRILLED to hear you have someone shedding wonderful and new light on your path!!

Congratulations on finding a good doc!!

Keep us posted!!!

Loads and loads and loads of baby dust!!!



oneandonlymel - September 17

Fourtyfour I am so happy you went to a new doctor and he seems positive and I am sure that makes you fell alot better!! I too remember the HSG test! My good friend is getting ready to start her journey on getting pregnant, her husband has 0 sperm and they are getting donor sperm. She has to have a HSG test and I was honest with her and told her yes it is painful, but it is over so fast. Keep us posted and my thoughts are with you and your husband!


WantsBaby2 - September 17

Here's to your new doc and happier days ahead. You deserve it! I hope he will get to the bottom of things and make this work for you. Good luck and tons and tons of babydust.



Karen123 - September 17

Fortyfour, I am So glad that you found a doctor that you can be open with. That's so important and you certainly deserve someone who will listen and work with you. I wish you SO much luck and baby dust and hope and pray that this new route works for you. Take care. Karen


SMS1129 - September 17


I know how good it feels to have a doctor that you trust and feel comfortable with. It makes things so much more pleasant. I wish you the best with the FET and I hope Dec/Jan rolls around soon for you!!

Take care,



baby4us - September 17

Oh 44 that is such great news!

Sometimes you just need a positive sign to keep moving forward.

Keep us up to date on your journey!

Good luck


Fortyfour - September 17

Thank you so much everyone. When i got pg the second time I was not too nervous about a m/c but now I feel sick to my stomach for what the first 8 weeks will hold for us. I will need so much faith and patience to get through it.

I got my medical records today and will now send them out to my new doc.

My last patient today had a 2 year old little girl and I thought I was fine until the way home. My heart is so heavy now. She knows I had a m/c and that baby was on her lap while I started her IV. Talk about in your face. I suppose its a good time for some journaling and purge my soul some more.

Take care all and baby dust to all.


Debie - September 19

44 Congratulations on finding a new doc. I hope you are feeling much better than Saturday re: the little girl and her mom... Stuff like that is bound to get us down.

Wishing you all the best.



Latina - October 11

Hola fourtyfour,
Im glad to hear things are going well for you..Ive been away for a while and just like you im about to try again..I guess after two failed IVFs I became discouraged. So hear I am again..I hope everything works out for you this time around..Your positive and caring words have to be worth something in gods eyes ;). Stay positive..


Fortyfour - October 14

Thanks Latina - When are you doing your IVF?


silli_kitti - October 14

OK, I'm sure I posted on this thread, but I don't see my post anywhere!

So I'm really late, but congratulations on your new doctor. Good luck with your HSG. I hope you find the answers you need and soon!


Latina - October 15

Hola 44,
I have been gone for so long, I didnt realize you had a miscarriage. Im so sorry to hear that. Im glad you found a new doctor who has made you feel like there is hope.Thats always very important.
As for me my hubby is pushing for another cycle I thought maybe I would do a cycle this month but felt I was not emotionaly ready.(what ever that means ::) A co-worker of mine informed me that she was pregnant she also felt the need to inform me that it didnt take them long at all and that she plans on getting pregnant again right after the baby is born. I guess I should be happy for her but I was on hating mode! I wish it was that easy for us all. good luck with your testing hope all goes well.


Fortyfour - October 15

Hola Latina, Yes, it would be nice if we could plan our babies like most people do. I am always in awe when someone will say that they will try and get pg in October or whatever month they choose. You will know when you are ready for a cycle. I have people pushing me and cant understand my reluctance. Thank you for your thoughts. Its nice to hear from you.


silli_kitti - October 15

Latina, I hate the things fertiles say sometimes. I have a friend who is a teacher. Before she had kids, she told me she planned to have them in December. That way, she gets her 6 month paid maternity leave from Jan-June, then gets a bonus 2 months of July and August (with full pay) while school is out. Can you believe she has two kids and both were born in December?? It's so unfair how its so easy for some people!

44 - Take your time. Like you said, you will know when you are ready.

Good luck to both of you and baby dust all around!


WantsBaby2 - October 15

Silli Kitti,
It's amazing how some things just come to people. I'm glad I am not the only one with friends like that! Unbelievable.

I can't believe your friend would be so candid with you about all of this. Does she know what you are going through? I would tell her it was really insensitive to share all that with you. I think that a few women really love to twist that knife a little. >:(



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