need some info on ivf!
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sloon - December 4

hi all, my husband and i back in may2005 had almost decided to adopt rather than do ivf because the cost is so high but we are so lucky we have started new jobs that the insurance covers ivf so we now can try ivf and hope it works my husband and i have been doing some research about the ivf process step by step and my husband was wondering what are some of the reasons that causes the eggs not to be good embryos also what are some of the reasons that ivf doesn't work does anyone have anything they can share to help with the questions hes having ? thanks for any input.


cassandra - December 4

Dear sloon, there are so many different aspects of the "why" embryos don't work. I know the higher number of cells in them, the better chances they have. When my dh and I started the road to ivf we had lots of questions and found out a lot about it on the way. It definately is a learning process.

One thing I do want to say, and I hope this doesn't offend you, but noone ever told us it might not work the 1st. time. We were convinced I was pg. Blood tests were positive. Found out at the u/s they weren't viable. This happened to us twice before we got positve results. I am just saying this because we weren't prepared for it and it was devastating. I found out later that it had happened to other girls I know and I was like "why didn't anyone tell me this could happen?" They were both 8 celled. I want to wish you the best of luck with IVF. And I truly wish it happens to you on the 1st. try. For specific answers to your questions the drs. upstairs are very helpful. Good luck to you on your journey! Please keep us posted! cassandra


MCRONIN - December 5

Cassandra, that is where i am at right now.. blood test on wed.. 9 days post transfer and i am nervous of a incorrect reading...

Sloon, i also have 'bad tubes', i had surgery on both tubes, then had eptopic pg and had right tube removed.. i am hoping since i have healthy ovaries, and healthy uterus.. it will work. this waiting game really stinks.They implanted 2 eggs monday the 28th.. Just use this message board.. its all i can suggest, these ladies are so smart, and have been through so much.. i trust them just like i'd trust my doctor. Like cassandra said there are so many reasons this doesn't work.. good luck to you all



CIN - December 5

Hi ladies,
i usually post on ovulex where the support is tremendous HOWEVER my issues seem to be similiar to those you all have indicated.. What I was wanting to know is the best route for me .. i hve a consultation w/infert dr. jan 18th the last time i saw him was 3yrs ago and just did not understand what wz wrong why i havn't concieved etc..yrs of trying.. Today I now understand that I have hydrosalpinx not sure how damaged my tubes are but the only options for me are to have surgery to open tubes or IVF and YES will have to have tubes closed or removed prior to IVF so water won't leak out .. and through my reading it appears it takes atleast 3tries before getting preg... my ? has been is it starting over and the fee is same $10k + everytime? my insurance will cover upto $10k for implantation... so i'm just confused the surger sounds cheapest route but I too would like to get this going... IVF or adopt... any info or advis on route to take would be great... 30yrs ttc for over 7yrs


MCRONIN - December 5

My ins pays for some also, but we had to go from cheapest procedure to most expensive.. i think if they would have given us a maximum amount we'd have opted to go straight to ivf.. the ups and downs of this process are unbelievable.
thats just my opinion.. malissa


CIN - December 5

I guess this go around (in trying to convc) should be fairly easy well mentally and emotionally atleast.. i wz w/someone for 7yrs and didn't have much suppot needless to say thats done and here today my current bf soon to be fiance is willing to take any route i want . i guess whts always held me back wz the $$ part of it but i really don't wnt to get any older wondering and wishing. i'm bit excited but scared at same time.. don't know if i can have my tubes removed ???#@^!&


Theresa - January 21

I am really intersted in IVF, and so is my husband but really don't know how to go about it. My tubes were removed left one at 16, and right one at 25 left w/one overy. How are my chances w/out any tubes at all? How much are we looking at?


sloon - January 21

hi theresa, i have to have my tubes completely removed at the end of this summer and weve decided to have the ivf done a month or so after , everyones conditon is differn. but im guessing that your chances would have to be depending on how many eggs and the quality of the eggs that they can ret. in my case i have tubal damage and endometeroisis so my tubes are being removed because of that and my dr. gave me a 75% chance on the first try for one baby and a 35% chance of twins on the first try , but i have to do ivf by the time im 35 or the chances go down to 35% on the first try . try going on they have a page you can print with questions to ask your ivf dr. , i wish i would have had when i went the first time it is a really helpful thing. i hope this helps some.



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