made IVF appointment
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celia m - May 23

Hey ya'll, I am so excited, I made my Ivf orientation appt. today. I'm going the 3rd week in June. I love reading all the posts of you that are going through IVF. I feel like the more I know ,the better. Oh, how do they know how many embryo's to put in on the transfer?


WantsBaby2 - May 24

Hi Celia,
Good luck with everything. Making the IVF choice is not always an easy one. It depends on the doctor and your age, but I think normally they put back 2-4 embryos. I know at my clinic they do not put any more than 3 back in. I am sending you tons of baby dust!



Karen123 - May 25

Celia, I just had my seminar last week, went for an internal ultrasound and tests and had 9 vials of blood drawn on Monday. Maybe we'll be starting this process at the same time! I would love to have someone to keep in touch with. I'm so scared, I can't even tell you. Then again, anyone going through this completely understands. I mean, we're spending a ton of money - about $18,000 is the average where I am going and all the shots (yuck!) and then if it doesn't do you make it through? Well, obviously, it DOES work for people or they wouldn't do it, right? So here's hoping for babies all around! Karen


Fortyfour - May 26

Karen123, I just think about all the money we blow in our lives and have nothing to show for it. You may get a bundle of joy with this gamble. Doesnt help our nerves though does it.

Celia M. - Good luck with the cycle. My doc said my number depends on the age of my donor. Take care.


cassandra - May 27

Celia, I am 33 and had 2 put back. There are a couple of women here who are younger than me and had 3 put in. I am blessed with twins and they are having triplets! Good luck on this journey...cassandra


meridithhasfaith - May 27

Good luck, Celia!
You came to the right place. As far as number of embryos to put back, I just got my concent forms in the mail to fax back and on there, they ask how many well, actually, the max number of embryos I would put back. I said 3 day3 embryos or 2 blasts. But that's a guide and a lot depends on how many there are, the quality of them, what the embryologist thinks, etc. With my 1st IVF which was successful, I only had 2 embryos to put back and they weren't great quality. I ended up with 1 baby from them and I was 29 at the time.

Take good care and keep us informed of how you are doing!




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