Lucky meds for Sale
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KariV - April 22

I have several boxes of Bravelle (exp 10/07) 1 Gonal f pen 300 iu and some centrotide (from Europe) available. All new and sealed and properly stored.

We were finally successful and are expecting twins.

Make an offer....Not looking to make money here, just trying to recoup some of our costs.

Best Wishes!


repsac - April 23

Hi Kari

Congratulations to you. Very happy that you are pregnant and wiht twins mind you,. Wowie

I am still on this journey. After cycling this month.. looks like I'll have to take another stab at it in June. And I will need to start preparing myself for egg donor.

I sent you my extra ganirelix last month ( from CA).. as I was hopeful that this cycle would work. Unfortunately it didn;t. Now I';m going to have to start accumulating enouhg meds for a donor.

I would appreciate it if you would return any unused meds, to me rather than selling them.. and perhaps you can help others with a donation if they need some too

Thanks so much

You can send me a private email, if you don;t still have my mailing address.

Congrats again



KariV - April 23

If you send me your address, I will gladly send back the unsused meds that you sent me. However, since we are nearly $70K in the hole, I would like to try to recoup the cost of some of the meds that I purchased. I am not looking to make a profit or anything and wish that we were in a position that we could donate meds. We paid out of pocket for everything, our insurance covered NOTHING.

I will send back the remaining ganerilex and menogon when you send me your address.


Hoping2BMum - April 23

I would be interested in the Bravelle. We have been trying for a long time, and had a late term loss with our last IVF. Please let me know how much you are asking etc.



KariV - April 23

I have a total of 15 doses (3 boxes of 5 doses each). They do not expire until 10/07. That have been properly stored and were purchased from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. I am not traying to make a profit here but would like to try to recoup some of our costs. I woul daccept $150 per box and would pay for shipping if you were to purchase all three. I also have Centrotide if you need it.

Let me know...


Hoping2BMum - April 24

Thanks for the info. But the going rate for Bravelle on Freegarage sale dot com is more like $15/vial or $75 per box. Good luck selling them


KariV - April 24

Good luck with your purchase there. I've never seen it that low.


PMac - April 27

I would be interested in the bravelle and gonal f. I will sent you an email privately.





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